Sightseeing tours in Europe, bus tours, walking tours, group tours

It is impossible to go sightseeing in Europe without being awestruck by the beauty of the landscapes, the architecture and the history of its cities, including Rome, Paris, London and Madrid.

The cultural and natural diversity means there are so many things to do in Europe, making it a must-visit continent for sightseers and explorers from all over the globe.

Spain is the 2nd most visited country in the world and not just because of its hot and sunny climate. Holiday-makers can enjoy the likes of Costa Brava and the community of Andalusia, as well as the sight-seeing of major cities such as Barcelona.

Elsewhere in Europe the east-meets-west of Istanbul and the imperial palaces of Russia all make for fascinating sightseeing tours. Ancient Rome offers the perfect sight-seeing on foot or there’s the more recent history of places such as Germany and Eastern Europe.

There are also plenty of things to do in Europe in the evening, with some of the best nightlife in the world. Live music, theatre, pubs, clubs and pavement cafes where you can party the night away or watch the world go by in scenic splendour.

You can book a guided sightseeing tour of the wine valleys in the Loire in France, bus tours through London or search for local guides and visit places off the beaten track. Walking tours through the Scottish Highlands, glens and lochs or bike rides across the majestic Alps in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France are also highly recommended.

When you have ticked off the great museums, natural attractions and nightlife, there are still various alternative things to do in Europe. Why not treat the family to a gastronomic tour and sample local food and wines or join a ghost tour and uncover Europe’s hidden past?

However you decide to spend your time, book a sightseeing tour in advance, plan ahead for some great deals and beat the queues when you arrive.

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Best Seasons:May, June, July, August, September
Popular Location:France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

Sightseeing in Europe

Sightseeing tours in Europe, bus tours, walking tours, group tours