Are international purchases possible?

Yes! You can purchase a voucher from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an email address.

Can I gift my voucher to someone else?

Absolutely, right up until the experience is booked. Just remember: the voucher is transferable, but a booking isn’t.

Can I refund my Gift Voucher?

Provided your voucher has not been redeemed online, vouchers can be refunded free of charge within 14 days of purchase. Once your voucher has been redeemed online, we are unable to refund the gift voucher. For more information, please see T’&C’s: Section Vouchers .

What if my experience has been cancelled?

If an experience is cancelled by the centre due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the weather or equipment malfunction, you would simply be entitled to reschedule the date. A valid ticket has been generated, so you would not be entitled to a refund.

Once booked, can I change the date?

Once an experience has been booked, this secures the booking and means that it can no longer be changed. However, if your experience is cancelled by the centre due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be entitled to re-schedule for an appropriate date.

What if I lose my Gift Voucher?

We can send a replacement gift via the original shipping method and to the original recipient only. We’re unable to resend to an alternate address.

Is it possible to purchase tours as a gift voucher?

Yes, absolutely. All of the experiences on our website can be purchased as gifts. Vouchers are sent out, as email certificates, to the address of your choosing. All gift vouchers are valid for 12 months and allow the recipient to redeem their voucher online.

How long is my voucher valid for?

Each voucher is valid for a maximum of 12 months from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated.


Why should I book with

We partner with the best and most professional tour guides, travel companies and local enthusiasts to offer unforgettable trips, built on unique experiences with friends and family. We turn trips into amazing experiences, creating memories that can last a life-time.

How do I search for a tour?

From our home page you can search in many ways. By destination, tour type or by date.

How do I book a tour?

You search and find your ideal tour, choose your dates and simply book and pay! Your booking will be confirmed within 24 hours via e-mail. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive details of your tour together with any required e-vouchers.

How soon can I expect a reply to my enquiry?

This depends on the individual tour providers and their time zone. Most of our partners will reply ASAP, but rest assured, you should get an answer not later than 48 hours after your enquiry. In the unlikely event that you don’t, we will chase them!

Which currencies are accepted?

Tourily displays all prices in GBP.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Debit/Credit Cards and PayPal are accepted.

Is my Payment secure?

You can be safe in the knowledge that we’re using a third party secure payment gateway. does not store any of your confidential information, even if you choose to ‘save credit card information’. Your credit card details are tokenized and encrypted and stored securely with our payment gateway – so even Tourily does not have access to your card or account details.

How can I amend my booking?

If a traveller wishes to amend an existing booking, the original booking must be cancelled and a new booking made. Prices applying to the new booking will be the price at the time the new booking is made. Cancellation charges may apply (refer to 3.1 Cancellations by the traveller).

How will I be reimbursed?

Cancellations made 7 working days prior to the tour receive a full refund; cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to travel receive a 50% refund; cancellations made 48 hours or less prior to travel require the traveller to pay for the tour in full, and no refund will be issued. Some venues and local organizers cannot accept cancellations or changes to your booking once it has been confirmed. If this is the case, any non-standard or cancellation policies are shown on the tour overview page of the tour on our website. See Terms & Conditions

Do tours require a minimum number of travellers?

This will depend on your tour operator and the type of tour chosen. Please check the description carefully before booking. Most of our tours are guaranteed to depart, even with just one passenger. So you could get a guide all to yourself.

Are your tours accessible for people with physical disabilities?

We try to make our tours accessible whenever we can, but unfortunately, some destinations may be challenging for those with wheelchairs or other assistive devices. Please check the description carefully before booking.

What if I am late or miss the start of my tour?

We recommend you allow plenty of time to arrive early for your tour, especially when you are in a new destination where transport can take longer than expected. Because we want to ensure our other guests can still enjoy their tour, our guides will only wait a maximum of 15 minutes for you to arrive. If the tour starts without you, you will not be entitled to a refund. Please refer to Tourily’s Terms and Conditions.

Do I need to take my voucher with me?

Yes, you’ll need to present your voucher to your guide at the beginning of your trip as proof of your booking. If there is an age restriction on your trip you may need to provide personal ID that proves you and your fellow travellers’ ages.

What do I need for my tour?

You’ll find details on what to bring for each tour or experience in your itinerary.


Why Tourily?

While you focus on providing the best Experience that you can, our teams focus on making sure travellers can find, access and book your Experience or tour with ease. Just sign up and upload your Experience, once your listing is live, you simply pay as you earn. What’s more, you can rest assured your listing will be visible to travellers on our website and social media channels.

What is a Tourily Experience?

Experiences are activities led by local hosts. It could be an interest, hobby or passion that the host would like to share with guests. An Experience could also be an authentic activity of local culture, history or something off the beaten track! The best Experiences offer guests access, participation and perspective.

How do I upload my Experience to

Simply click here to register with email, Google plus or Facebook. The joining process takes just minutes. Once you have joined go to your account and dashboard. To upload your experiences, click on “Add Experience” and follow our simple upload procedure. Here you can add details, images, prices and availability. If you need any help, contact us at Once you have listed your Experience, it will need to be approved by our team and then published within 24 hours. Tourily is happy for you to upload more than one Experience.

What type of Experience is popular with travellers?

  • Sampling local cuisine
  • Discovering local culture and history
  • Biking or walking tours
  • Health & fitness
  • Holistic lifestyles
  • Music and dance
  • Share your passion for a hobby, knowledge or interest!

What is the criteria to offer an Experience?

In-depth knowledge about an Experience, skilled at your activity, and of course, passionate to share this with like-minded people. Also, you have at least two of the following:

  • Made this skill into a career or business
  • Studied the subject in-depth
  • Are an experienced hobbyist
  • Good communicator
  • Make guests feel like they belong
  • Encourage and empathise
  • Make it an enjoyable experience

What are the guidelines for creating an Experience?

Consider the beginning, middle and end:

  • Greet your guests
  • Plan your activity
  • Finish your activity as a group in a local bar or café – encouraging guests to connect and share!

Location & time:

  • Multiple locations, transport, meal times should all be taken into consideration
  • Ensure your timings are planned – do a trial run with friends!

Client expectations:

  • Let guests know what they will be doing & timelines
  • Let guests know if they will need to pay for any extras


  • Cover your costs
  • Set a price that is fair
  • Try to make a profit

Can I add a picture or video of my tour or experience?

Of course! We love to display actual photos of any tour or experience using visual, high quality images that will create a lasting impact. Images should be landscape orientation with a minimum width of 1000px.

How much does it cost to become a Host?

To sign up as a host is completely FREE. Please click here to register. takes 10% commission on bookings generated via our website.

How does the booking process work?

Once a traveller completes an instant book on you will receive an email informing you of required details. We ask that you reply to this email within 24 hours to confirm availability and approve booking.

How do I get paid? will transfer the full amount minus 10% two days after a traveller has completed your experience, to your chosen bank account on registration.

If I have a ‘no show’ will I still get paid?

Yes, if booking and payment was fulfilled by the traveller and no cancellation was made. Please refer to Tourily’s Terms and Conditions.

How old do I have to be to host on

You must be at least 18 years of age to host on


How do I become a Partner?

If your company organises Tours, Activities or Experiences simply register and complete our enquiry form. Our Commercial Manager will contact you directly.

What are the benefits of becoming Partner?

  • No fees – we make money when you get paid
  • Grow your business
  • Dedicated commercial team always on hand
  • Increased visibility via our social media channels – reaches out to 10 million people daily and 1.2million bloggers weekly
  • We can help to increase your sales by distributing your products to over 100,000 travel visitors to our website per month

How do I upload my tours to

Once your company has been accepted by and you have agreed which tours & activities you would like listing, we will write and upload your tours and activities for free and help you to grow your business.

How does the booking process work?

Once a traveller completes an instant book on a member of our booking team will complete the booking with yourselves. A commission of 10% is payable to us on all bookings made through our site.

How do I manage price changes?

We cannot display different price plans within a search result. You can add these in the Dates & Price section of your tour description, including child prices too. Please inform us immediately of any price changes. Bookings already confirmed will not be affected by the price change.

How much does it cost to become a Partner?

The use of the platform is absolutely free for tour guides and tour operators. takes 10% commission on bookings generated via our website.