Things to do in Slovenia

Slovenia enjoys a stunning Alpine location with dramatic mountain scenery.

Head towards the Julian Alps and get involved with a host of activities including skiing and mountain biking. The Alpine Lakes are also a big draw among things to do in Slovenia. Open water swimming is popular in the summer months.

The National Museum of Slovenia in the capital, Ljubljana is well worth a visit and goes some way to explaining the history of this intriguing country. The museum dates back to 1821 and houses a diverse range of items from the Stone Age period through to more recent times.

The largest cathedral in the country is the Cathedral of St Mohor and Fortunat in Gornji Grad. This is one of the most stunning sights in the Savinja and Salek Valley. The lakes and waterfalls make this part of the country one of the most scenic.

Slovenia’s cave systems allow visitors to go inside the mountains with guided tours available. Most of the caves are situated in the south of the country and many are open to the public.

Among other things to do in Slovenia and one of the most recognisable landmarks are the natural formations, including Triglav. Slovenia's highest mountain, which is instantly recognisable due to its triple peaks. The mountain features on Slovenia’s flag.

Skocjan Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of the Regional Park of the same name. Situated just 4km south of Divaca, several naturally occurring landmarks are worth exploring in more detail. These include Europe’s highest cave hall, breath-taking waterfalls and a high gorge bridge.

Guided tours, lasting around 60-90 minutes, can help you to explore the different sections of each cave safely, while offering a great opportunity to learn something new in Slovenia.

If you're looking for things to do in Slovenia, then it is a perfect holiday destination for lovers of the great outdoors. Offering picturesque landscapes and a range of fun activities to suit all ages.

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Best Season:January to September
Popular Location: Istria, Ljubljana