Things to do in Slovakia

Slovakia is situated in the heart of Europe and, after the break-up of Czechoslavakia, has emerged as a strong and attractive nation.

A land of stunning scenery, castles and folk traditions, Slovakia is also home to resplendent old towns and vibrant nightlife.

Among other things to do in Slovakia, it is an amazing destination for lovers of the great outdoors. The High Tatras are ideal for walking, hiking or winter sports. The national parks include Slovensky Raj, with beautiful waterfalls and spectacular scenery.

Kosice is Slovakia’s attractive second city and is home to castles perched high up on the hills, and quaint churches. Kosice is also a great location for winter sports.

Bratislava is an intriguing city with forest-lined river banks, an imposing castle and pastel coloured houses. Despite Bratislava evolving into a popular tourist destination, its green parks and stunning location beside the Danube River also offer a choice of hiking and biking trails.

If the open countryside appeals, then there are plenty of things to do in Slovakia. Take a tour of the Male Karpaty, the small Carpathians, which roll north with vineyards in the lower lands.

Kosice is a perfect destination for culture vultures and offers a dazzling history, combined with vibrant nightlife.

Hlvana is situated in eastern Slovakia and is home to the country’s largest concentration of historic monuments.

Since Kosice was named as European City of Culture in 2013, the city has gone from strength to strength with a heady cultural scene, lively bars, city tours, a Gothic cathedral and ice hockey!

Bardejov’s main square, with its Gothic spires, takes visitors back to medieval times and an historic alternative of things to do in Slovakia. The city receive its royal charter in 1376 and grew very rich on trade well into the 16th century. Marvel at the UNESCO listed houses around the main square and the medieval walls which circle the centre of town. Bardejov was shaped by centuries of Jewish history, cruelly halted by WWll.

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Best Season:April to October
Popular Location: Bratislava