Things to do in Romania

Romania offers stunning natural beauty and vibrant city life which attracts visitors from all over the world. The country’s past is clear to see as you trek through beautiful open countryside. The diverse history provides plenty of things to do in Romania, shaping its intriguing character which is so much in evidence today. Romania also offers a wide choice of wine tours. With the cultivation of plants covering the largest area of vineyards in Eastern Europe, the potential for Romanian wine is huge. Around 500 million bottles are already produced in Romania each year and prices are a fraction of the cost, compared to the likes of France and Italy.

The climate, soil and naturally hilly landscape contribute to a successful wine production, with Transylvania as one of the main regions. Other recommended wine tours can be booked at Southern Sands & Danube Terraces and Crisana & Maramures.
The capital of Bucharest combines modern buildings and shops with stunning architecture, with plenty more things to do in Romania. The historic quarter is a lively environment with bars, parks and clubs. Timisoara in western Romania is known as ‘Little Vienna’ for its cultural heritage. Museums and art galleries tempt culture vultures to this lively town. For a slower pace of life, head to Romania’s small villages and towns. Transylvania is a must-visit region if you are searching for peace and tranquility in a spectacular location. Also a great place for adventure tours, hiking, walking or rock climbing, snow-tipped mountains loom in the distance behind the region’s churches.

Bran is also worth a visit. Situated south-west of Brasov, Barn is covered by deep forests inhabited by wolves. A tour of the Maramures County and the Rodnei Mountains National Park, close to the border with Ukraine is also highly recommended.

Romania is home to many hidden gems. Whether you are looking for an adventure tour, a rural tour or a wine tour, you will find everything you are looking for in this beautiful country.

Book a tour today and enjoy just some of the the many things to do in Romania.

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Best Season:May, June, July, August
Popular Location: Brasov