Things to do in Poland

From beautiful architecture to magnificent palaces and stunning lakes, there are plenty of things to do in Poland. Choose from a range of tours, trips and city breaks including outdoor adventures and vibrant nightlife. Warsaw and Krakow are famous for their late night clubs and pubs and both are packed with history. Krakow is home to medieval churches, cathedrals, castles and churches. The picturesque main square is lined with bars, restaurants and shops. Culture vultures who are interested in the Second World War will be able to learn plenty of incredible facts in Warsaw, the capital city. Stroll around the cobbled streets, marvel at the grand old buildings or visit one of the ornate squares and watch the world go by.

Warsaw’s old town, Starego Miasta is bursting with life. Stroll around the market square, visit the Warsaw Museum, the Royal Castle and King Zygmunt’s Column. There are many rural attractions and tours which take in the beautiful countryside, providing more things to do in Poland.

In the south, visit the Carpathian Mountains, enjoy a boat trip on the Great Masurian Lakes or lounge on a beach along the Baltic coast in the north. Gdansk is also a must-see city for history and culture fans. Situated on the Baltic coast, Gdansk is one of Poland’s oldest cities. The Second World War and the downfall of the Soviet Union started here. The city’s National Museum is also worth a visit.

If you are looking for alternative things to do in Poland, book a food and wine tour, where you will find big, wholesome dishes. Plenty of stews, sausages and home baked bread are the order of the day and for sweet-toothed foodies sample the delicious cakes and pastries. Most restaurants are inexpensive, especially outside the main cities and you will find a choice of international cuisine to choose from.

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Best Season:May, June, July, August
Popular Location: Krakow, Warsaw