Things to do in Norway

There are lots of things to do in Norway, with thousands of visitors a year attracted to its stunning fjords, amazing landscapes and beautiful lakes. The capital city, Oslo offers great restaurants and nightlife, hiking and skiing just a stone’s throw from the city centre. Museums and cultural attractions add to the historical vibe of Oslo. There are more things to do in eastern Norway, Velmunden is a water sport paradise, thanks to the Randsfjord and Sperillen lakes. An unspoilt landscape offers a choice of canoeing routes and unspoilt landscapes. In southern Norway the Setesdal Valley is well worth visiting and the area is perfect for hiking, with vast woodlands and mountains.

Take a tour of the coastal road, which is a great way to take in the scenery between Mandal and Hafrsfjord. The Rock Art of Alta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and shows evidence of human life as far back as the prehistoric period in Norway. See the rock paintings at Transfarelvdalen, which was discovered in the 1960s and visit the Alta Museum. The small town of Roros is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for producing arts and crafts. Most of the town’s buildings date back to the 17th and 18th century.

Oscarsborg Fortress was given protected status in 2014. The island on the Oslofjord is as impressive as the actual fortress. National parks are also worth visiting, including Femundsmarka and Gutulia. Geirangerfjord offers snow-topped mountains, stunning waterfalls and boat tours. This is also a popular hiking and walking spot. All of the large cities have a vast number of clubs and late night bars to suit all tastes and budgets. Visit the National Theatre in Oslo which showcases the work of Henrik Ibsen, a famous playwright. Ibsen’s plays are featured throughout the year.

If you are thinking of looking into things to do in Norway, book a rural, food and wine, adventure or cultural and historical tour before you go to save time when you arrive.

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Best Season:June, July, August
Popular Location: Oslo, the Fjords