Things to do in Macedonia

Soak up the historic sights, the open air concerts, stunning scenery and many more things to do when you book a holiday in Macedonia.

Skopje, the capital city is where old meets new and the Ottoman influence is still very much in evidence. Wander through the old bazaar and marvel at the slim minarets of mosques. A 15th century stone bridge links the bazaar to the modern town and is well worth a visit.

The narrow streets of the old town of Skopje offers quaint shops and stunning mosques, with beautiful ceramic tiles throughout the interiors.

Tour the museum devoted to Mother Theresa, without doubt Skopje’s most famous former inhabitant.

You can sit back and relax with other things to do in Macedonia, when Visiting the local bars. Watch the world go by with a glass of raki or enjoy one of the open air concerts, regularly held in Macedonia Square in summer.

Travel a little way out of Skopje and you will discover a land of majestic mountains, vast lakes and remote villages. Take a trip to Ohrid with its backdrop of mountains on Lake Ohrid.

Macedonia is perfect for lovers of the great outdoors and if you enjoy hiking, tour one of the country’s national parks. The premier ski resort of Popova Sapka is also worth a visit of only for the views.

The town of Bitola is home to several mosques, Catholic and Orthodox churches and a stunningly preserved Turkish bazaar. Make the most of the Roman Heraclea with its ancient baths and mosaics and the Treskavec monastery.

Trace the empires of the past, from the days of Alexander the Great to the Romans and the Ottomans on a cultural and historical tour.

Whether you want to relax in the countryside or take a cultural tour of the ancient relics, historical sites and old towns without having to fight off the tourist hordes, Macedonia could be the perfect place for you.

However you want to spend your time, you will find a variety of things to do in Macedonia.

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Best Season:March to November
Popular Location: Bitola, Skopje