Things to do in Iceland

If you're looking for things to do in Iceland, you will have a stunning choice of holidays. Including natural wonders, volcanic landscapes and thermal lagoons.

Iceland also lies beneath some of the best skies for viewing the Northern Lights and is famous for its geysers and lava fields.

Iceland, which sits just below the Arctic Circle boasts spectacular landscapes and a vast range of activities for the more adventurous.

The Golden Circle is a 300km circuit which is home to some beautiful things to do in Iceland. Stunning waterfalls, ridge zones and geysers. No trip to Iceland is complete without a tour of the Blue Lagoon – a huge natural hot tub where waters are around 36 degrees.

Huge glaciers are protected in Vatnajokull and Snaefelllsjokull national parks. Reykjavik where most of the population live runs on geothermal power. Take a tour of the National and Saga Museums, tracing Iceland’s Viking history.

The capital city, Reykjavik is the most northerly capital in the world and combines original charm with upmarket style and elegance. Enjoy world class cuisine and trendy nightlife.

Reykjavik’s multi-million-pound concert hall should not be missed. It’s free to wander around the building, and each different level provides a unique view of the city and harbour area. There’s a coffee and gift shop on the ground floor, and a cocktail bar higher up which offers stunning views.

Every restaurant in the city will offer a ‘catch of the day’ which could be anything from grilled cod to fried Charr. Seafood lovers should order the Icelandic fish stew which includes haddock, prawns and mussels.

The main streets of Reykjavik are packed with upmarket clothes shops and gift stores. You will also find a wealth of ski shops where you can pick up some great outdoor gear.

When it comes to organising things to do in Iceland, plan your guided tours before you arrive to make the most of this stunning country.

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Best Season:May, June, July, August
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