Things to do in Hungary

Hungary offers a mix of vibrant cities and stunning countryside to woo visitors from all over the world. Although the country is land-locked, among other things to do in Hungary you can still chill out on the beach in summer beside Lake Balaton. Affectionately known as the ’Hungarian Sea’ beaches play host to water sports, beach parties and music festivals.

Take a tour of Hungary’s spa towns and let the soothing waters relax you. Siofok, on the shores of Lake Balaton is a haven in summer for lovers of the sand and sea. Budapest, the capital city, offers a wide range of cultural and historical attractions. Take a river cruise on the Danube and make the most of the superb restaurants and chic bars, dotted around the city.

Once made up of two cities, Budapest straddles the river Danube. On one side you will find heritage and on the other, modern attractions, shops and bars. A buzzing nightlife pulsates throughout Budapest and Lake Heviz is fast becoming a party capital with all-out beach festivals to rival the Mediterranean hotspot of Ibiza. Lake Heviz is the largest natural thermal lake in the world and the waters remain warm all year round.

Take a cultural, wine or gastronomic guided tour of Budapest to make the most of your trip. Some of the earliest vineyards in Hungary date back to the days of the Roman Empire and by the start of the 5th century AD, vines had spread across the country. Hungary is currently divided into 7 large wine regions, with a selection of the most popular Hungarian bottles produced in the area of Tokaj.

If you’re staying near Budapest and looking cultural things to do in Hungary, make the most of another UNESCO World Heritage site at Buda Castle.

In the capital there is also the impressive St. Stephen’s. Other popular attractions across Hungary include the holiday resort of Tihany on Lake Balaton, Eger Castle and the Royal Palace in Visegrad.

Whatever you're after from a holiday, you will find a vast range of things to do in Hungary.

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Best Season:March, April, May, June, July
Popular Location: Siofok, Budapest