Things to do in Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar is just one hour´s drive from the Costa del Sol towns of Marbella and Puerto Banus, and if you want to visit a little piece of Britain in the Mediterranean, there is no better place to explore.

If you're looking for things to do in Gibraltar then some of the most exciting tours to book include: a Rock Tour, including the siege tunnels and St. Michael’s Cave and a dolphin trip around the bay. Marvel at the Barbary Apes who inhabit the top of the Rock and are said to originate from Morocco.

The Gibraltar apes are considered by many to be the top tourist attraction and the main thing to do in Gibraltar. The most popular troop is that of Queen's Gate at the Apes' Den, where people can get especially close to the monkeys. They will often approach and sometimes climb onto people, as they are used to human interaction.

Situated on a narrow piece of land linked to the end of Spain, the rock of Gibraltar is 426 m high and covers an area of 6 km2. The thin coastal strip of land to the west overlooks the Straits of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean, and the east side with its sheer, steep cliffs overlooks the Mediterranean.

Gibraltar´s history evolves from its strategic position at the southern-most tip of the Iberian Peninsula, where Europe meets Africa, and still remains to be an important base for the British Navy. The territory shares a border with Spain to the North. Gibraltar was granted by Spain to Great Britain in perpetuity in 1713, under the Treaty of Utrecht. Gibraltar continues to evolve with new residential developments being built all over the Rock. Whether you are looking for some tax free shopping, a historical tour or a beach trip, you will find plenty of things to do in Gibraltar.

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