Things to do in Finland

Situated in northern Europe, Finland borders Sweden, Russia and Norway and has a population of 5.3 million.

A largely flat, forested country, Finland also has mountainous regions in the north, and thousands of scenic lakes and unspoiled countryside. With 35 national parks, Finland attracts visitors from all over the world who enjoy walking, hiking or relaxing in the countryside.

There are some special things to do in Finland for children, especially close to Christmas. Lapland appeals to youngsters and adults alike, as it is said to be the ´real´ home of Santa Claus.

Finnish food often varies from region to region, most notably between the west and east. In coastal and lakeside villages, fish is a main feature of cooking, whereas in the eastern and also northern regions, vegetables and meats feature heavily.

Finland is home to beautiful landscapes and intriguing places to visit – perfect for lovers of the great outdoors. With sparse Arctic landscapes in the north, thousands of tiny islands in the south and the fashionable capital of Helsinki. There are certainly a wealth of things to do in Finland.

Book a city tour of Helsinki, go skiing or snowboarding or try the world famous Ice Hotel.

If you venture to the north of Lapland, then another thing to do in Finland is take a guided tour while searching for the magical Northern Lights. You can even see the Northern Lights from your own personal igloo if you want to be really adventurous.

Treat your family to a Lapland trip and enjoy husky sledging, snow mobiles, a sauna and other wintry highlights.

The Finnish language can be tricky to master so if you are planning a city tour of Helsinki, make sure you use a tour guide to show you the sights.

Take a trip around the cool restaurants, bars and markets, the Rock Church and the Sibelius Monument. Ice fishing trips are also highly recommended.

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Best Season:December, January, February, March
Popular Location: Helsinki, Lapland