Adventure Holidys in Europe

Unusual Adventure Holidays and Tours in Europe

When you decide to visit Europe there are so many opportunities on what you can see and do. The obvious choices of course include: an open bus tour of London, visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris or booking a historical tour of Germany. However elsewhere there are a number of unusual adventure holidays in Europe available.

Here are just 9 of the more unusual adventure tours available to book through Tourily.  You can choose anything from white water rides to a more sedate cooking class.

Greece – Rafting in Venetikos

For our first 3 adventures we look at tours in Greece, each one offering something completely different.

When thinking of an adventure holiday, you probably think of one designed with the thrill seeker in mind. As such if you’re visiting Greece, Rafting in Venetikos is a great tour.

Starting at the “Gates of Venetikos” and finishing in the village of Agapi in Grevena, this experience will take you on a ride of lifetime. The Venetikos river provides the setting with amazing scenery as you battle the elements.

The river itself is one of the longest in Greece, lasting for 9km. The meeting point for the tour is at Feli Village, where your guide will take you to the rafting headquarters. From here you will be provided with all the equipment needed, ready to start paddling.

Greece – A Night with the Gods Stargazing Tour

If you’d rather stay on dry land, then this outdoor activity in Greece is great way to spend an evening under the stars.

During your night-time adventure you will learn all there is to know about the signs of the zodiac and ancient Greek mythology. Your guide and professional astronomer will teach you how to read the constellations, plus you will get to support a local training centre.

What’s more, as part of your stargazing tour there will be time to sit around the campfire and enjoy a meal with friends.

Greece – Athens Treasure Hunt

This is an adventure tour for all the family. Although the children will particularly like the unusual take on sightseeing in Greece.

Provided with a “hunt kit” your guide for the next 3 hours will collect you from the hotel, pick-up/drop-off is included within the price. The treasure hunt involves finding answers to questions such as to why the capital is called Athens in the first place.

The trail will lead you through ancient Greece, across cobbled streets and into the realm of myths and legends.

Slovenia – Scuba Diving in Slovenia

Next we look into unusual adventure holidays in Slovenia, featuring one that takes you into the water and another underground.

The scuba diving adventure is aimed at those already used to diving into water in similar conditions. As such you need to provide a valid PADI, CMAS certificate or equivalent scuba diving qualification.

Once ready to go, you will dive into lake Bled to discover the world beneath the surface. As well as an English speaking guide and expert, additional fees are included. During this adventure there will be approximately 45 minutes of diving.

Slovenia – Lake Bled & Postojna Cave Tour

If you’re in Slovenia an adventure tour doesn’t have to be underwater, you can still head underground on dry land. The Lake Bled & Postojna Cave Tour combines 2 great tourist attractions into one unusual tour.

If you are visiting Lake Bled, it would be rude not to take a boat across to Bled Castle. This tour however uses a traditional hand-built “pletna”, a traditional boat providing safe transport across to where your adventure begins.

As you enter the Postojna cave, an electric train awaits. During the ride, you can see how the waters have carved intriguing rock formations.

Gran Canaria – Submarine Underwater Adventure

The Yellow Submarine in the Canary Islands provides an unusual experience from the fishing village of Puerto De Mogan. The tour includes a 30 minute dive into crystal clear waters. As you pear through the giant portholes, you will see fish swimming around you.

Your guide will talk you through the journey as you watch the seabed live on the screen, keep watching and you may discover an old shipwreck. All this combined with dramatic music and a high-tech sub designed to give you the most comfortable experience.

Croatia – Game of Thrones

Are you obsessed with the medieval fantasy show Game of Thrones? Then this unusual tour will take you on adventure, where you can live the life of your favourite character. Croatia provided the location for many of the famous scenes from the early episodes.

Why not visit the likes of Diocletian’s Palace, the city museum and the fictional setting of Westeros. The walking tour will take you through the streets, as walked by Princess Khaleesi and gives you the chance to feast like a Lannister.

Romania – The Dark Side of Bucharest

During this walking tour, we delve into the dark side of Bucharest. Romania is a fascinating country and one where you can enjoy the lighter side of life, but with this unusual adventure we uncover Bucharest’s past.

You will kept safe in the hands of your local guide, as you learn about ladies of the night from the 1920’s to the Romanian Jack the Ripper from the early 70’s.

There will also be time spent at 2 cemetery’s, both having played an important part in Romanian history and the 1989 revolution.

Spain – Let’s Make Hierbas!

Adventures can sometimes uncover new skills, which in this novel workshop comes in the form of Hierbas.

You could buy a bottle of Heirbas in duty free, but this is more than just another food and drink tour in Spain. With a guide taking you out into the countryside, you will pick fresh ingredients before producing your own liquor.

If you are looking for an unusual adventure tour, book online today with Tourily and try something different.