Sightseeing in Moscow

Available Tours and Sightseeing in Moscow, Russia

Ever since the demise of the former Soviet Union and the end of the cold war in 1991, tourism in Russia has seen a dramatic increase. As the world’s largest nation, imagine the choice of things to see and do when you visit and the diversity of guided tours available.

However before the rise in international visitors, Russia has had a complex past. Prior to 1991 the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (the USSR) had existed for most of the 1900’s. It was a time of social and political unrest, which in the modern era continues to attract interest from around the world.

As with many countries the capital brings in the most holiday makers, the famous Red Square likely to be your first stop. It is recognised as one of Russia’s 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is an important part of Europe’s history.

Your sightseeing tour in Moscow will no doubt visit Red Square for the Kremlin, the official residence of Russia’s president. Once home to the former Russian royal family, it is still very much at the forefront of Russia’s pollical decisions. It is also on the edge of Kitay-gorod, a neighbourhood of cultural and historical relevance. If you’re interested in the political history or after a walking tour in Moscow, Kitay-gorod has some impressive architecture to look at

Again from the square you will also see one of Russia’s most iconic buildings, St Basil’s Cathedral. It was built in the 1550’s under the reign of Ivan IV Vasilyevich (aka Ivan the terrible). The distinctive cathedral boasts a series of towers, with domes proudly standing out on top giving the building its famous characteristics.

Other places of interest during sightseeing tours of Moscow include the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Bolshoi Theatre and even the metro stations. If you are wishing to see the sights, then here are a couple of Moscow tours that come highly recommended.

Moscow Behind the Icons

What makes this walking tour different is how it bring together a traditional sight seeing tour with an insight into where the locals hang out.  Startirng out in Pushkinskaya Square you will be shown around the monuments and surrounding buildings, as well as the chance to call into Russia’s first ever McDonalds.

These days American fast food chains take over every city across the world, but once upon a time in Moscow there was very little influence from the west. Try to resist McDonalds burgers though as your tour will include an authentic Russian fast food takeaway. In order to keep you going over the course of the next 3 hours, a free cheburek will be included within in your tour. This will give you the chance to sample traditional Russian cuisine and mix with the locals.

After a quick snack your sightseeing tour will take you away from the tourist attractions and through the back streets. Hear stories of what it’s like living in the city and tales of days gone past. Call into a Russian theatre or light a candle in the neighbourhood church.

Your walking tour in Moscow will then arrive at the better known landmarks, in particular Red Square. Open up your guide book and it won’t take long to see all about the aforementioned cathedral, the Kremlin and much more.

Moscow Underground

Here’s an unique sightseeing tour in Moscow that leaves the streets behind. Join a walking tour taking you under the surface.

Meeting at the Square of Revolution metro station, you will already want to grab your camera. The stop has a selection of statues, depicting the people of Russia. These include soldiers and warriors, but also farmers and everyday people.

In Moscow the underground metro system is far more than a means of getting from A to B. There are grand designs, huge mosaics and chandlers, with columns more reminiscent of a palace than a tube station.

They are also of historical importance, which your English speaking tour guide will explain in more detail. Many stops feature pictures of party leaders, overseeing your every move and images of political propaganda.

Uncover the hidden meanings behind the artwork and hear personal stories, giving you insight into Russia’s soviet past. Your 3 hour tour comes to an end enjoy a complimentary drink and snack in a nearby café.

Eat Like a Russian

The Eat Like a Russian is a food tour in Moscow taking care of your evening meal. Much different to a conventional sightseeing tour, although you do see a vibrant city as the sun goes down.

Starting in the Danilovsky district, you will be seeing Russia from a locals perspective. Residents will say the landmarks compete with the likes of the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben.

There will be a trip through a busy market place, with food samples to tease all the senses. A food tour that delves into the history books, with an authentic experience of living in Russia.

It’s also one which comes with plenty to eat, so you won’t be going back to your hotel room hungry!

Book your sightseeing tour in Moscow today and see what Russia’s capital is really like.