A tour of Rome – what to see, where to go!

To make the most of any trip to the ‘Eternal City’ it is worth booking a tour of Rome before you leave home to make the most of you stay.

Rome is still one of the most fascinating cities in the world and its historical attractions are second to none. Combining history and culture with modern designer shops, award-winning cuisine and parks, Rome attracts millions of visitors each year from all over the world.

When booking a tour of Rome, make sure it includes some of the following stunning places to visit:

Wine Villages

You may not think of Rome as being a wine-producing city but a wide expanse of vineyards are just a short train or car journey away.

Visiting Rome should not be expensive. Just choose a qualified company which can offer you Rome Tours with Official Tour Guides. They will save your precious time, provide security and even include private transportation services.

Capitoline Hill

During the ancient times, Capitol Hill has been regarded as the most powerful place all over the country, as it hosts the Roman government. When you’re into Rome tours, ensure that you start it with Piazza Campidoglio of Capitoline Hill. This way, you’ll never miss out the modified and old edifices, plans of which were created by Michelangelo.

Trajan’s Market

Before Monti, which is now regarded as the ultimate shopping district of Rome, there was Trajan’s Market. Located in the ever-famous Imperial Forums, this agora still holds a number of different shopping centres. While you buy your souvenirs, keep in mind that the arcade has been around since the first century.

Castel Sant’ Angelo

A tour of Rome should always include Castel Sant’ Angelo, known to be one of the most beautiful monuments in the whole of Rome. Enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the Tiber. Castel Sant’ Angelo has become the haven of numerous popes, as it contains a passageway going to the Vatican, as well as Roman emperors. This massive structure also served as Roman fortress.

The Forums

The Forums are regarded as a perfect venue where heads of state and local citizens convene to discuss everyday matters. Today, numerous archaeologists are now excavating the area, hoping to find some ancient artefacts.

One of the best parts is the Forum of Caesar. The Forums also become a magical place at night-time when the whole place is lit up. Stroll down Piazza Venezia to the Vittorio Emanuele II monument and the Cordonatta for stunning views of the Forums.

If you are planning a tour of Rome, choose a professional tour company that will show you some of the city’s most famous landmarks and monuments. Alternatively choose a tour company which will include visits to some of the more ‘off the beaten track’ Rome attractions or unusual insider tours which give you a local resident’s look at their beloved city.