The top ways to start marketing your tour website

If you are looking for the top ways to start marketing your tour website, work out which people you plan to target before you start.

Press releases are still hugely effective. You can post them on distribution sites that share the news with multiple outlets. Some do charge, so it is important to determine either an appropriate budget or stay clear of these. Many however, are absolutely free to use. If the site in question is new, interesting, or noteworthy in some way, a media outlet may pick up the story and provide some free exposure.

Start marketing your tours website by creating a Facebook and Instagram account.

Claiming, verifying, and regularly updating a Google Local Business listing can provide enormous benefits with zero expense. Anybody who has noticed local businesses with maps and hours in a boxed area of their Google search results knows how eye-catching these listings can be. Google does not charge for this service, but it is really only effective for local businesses with a physical location where customers would visit.

For years now, social media has had a huge impact on search engines’ website rankings. Sites with much more discussion on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram rank higher in search results. Google and other search engines believe that if a site receives a lot of attention on social media that probably equates to relevance for related search queries, too. Of course, engaging with potential customers via social media can generate huge benefits by itself.

So, to tap into this win-win scenario, you need to create pages on relevant social platforms and update them regularly. Some ideas might include creating polls for customers, new product or service announcements, thoughtful or humorous observations, etc. Successful (and free) social media campaigns usually require an understanding of the target customer and finding creative ways to actually keep them engaged with your brand.

Partner with another company to start marketing your tours website and you can use their established customer to swell your own client list. Done correctly, this will simultaneously provide benefit to both brands.

You must approach such potential partners with a well-thought-out plan that highlights the mutual benefit and downplays any potential pitfalls. However, when possible, such cross-marketing alliances can generate long-term marketing wins for all parties involved.

Another classic trick worth exploring, online forums relevant to your brand’s product or service can generate a lot of traffic. Posting on such forums allows you to reach into another site with an existing following and leave backlinks other can follow. This does two things: it exposes your brand to that site’s audience, and also creates backlinks to the site.

Google and other search engines use these backlinks in their algorithms much the same way they use social chatter. The more links back to a site (within reason), the more the search engine believes that site represents a trusted authority on which other sites rely. As an authority, your site should have content more relevant to search queries, so search engines rank it higher.

Start marketing your tour website by using free platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.