Top Tours of Greece

These Top Tours of Greece make Great Gift Ideas

A visit to Greece is a holiday of a lifetime with wonderful climatic conditions making it a brilliant destination for every season. There are plenty of outdoor gift ideas in Greece, where on average the country has 300 days of sunshine per year.

Greece is rich in culture, has breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and amazing historic architecture. Every place in Greece has a diverse authentic style, both in the islands and on the mainland. It would probably take you years to explore all the islands and even the tiniest piece of land in Greece holds a connection to the past. Everywhere in the country and on the islands, there are ancient sites deriving from various historical periods – from remnants of ancient Greek temples to neoclassical mansions and Byzantine monasteries.

The capital is Athens – an amazing city where ancient monuments stand beside trendy coffee shops and rooftop bars that are continually busy morning, noon and night.   The iconic fortress of the Acropolis towers significantly over Athens, ensuring part of the city remains completely frozen in time. Plaka is Athens’ Old Town and is really pretty and charming with cobbled streets, historical architecture and lovely piazzas and restaurants.

Gift ideas in Greece

With so much to see and do there are lots of gift ideas for tours in Greece. If you know somebody on holiday for a special occasion, maybe an anniversary, a significant birthday or for any other celebration – pre-book them on a tour. It will make the perfect gift in Greece, one for any occasion. These top tours of Greece make a great gift idea:

Wine Tour in Greece, Athens

This tour will make an ideal gift for a couple maybe on honeymoon or celebrating a special birthday and is stopping in Athens for a couple of weeks – as it is a four day tour of the beautiful Peloponnese wine region, where you will visit private vineyards and enjoy plenty of their wine. You will also learn all about the wine production and local traditions.

When you give this tour as a gift, everything is organised on your behalf. Staying at 4 star hotel accommodation, includes breakfast the tour operator also arranges the best wineries to visit. You transportation will be in a smart and comfortable mini bus and there is also a guided visit of Epidauros (entrance fee is free).

Gastronomical Experience in Greece, Kefalonia in Villa Experience

What a fabulous birthday gift idea for a group of people on holiday at a villa in Kefalonia. This unique wine tasting experience, comes to them! The hosts will visit their villa literally anywhere within the island and bring various cheeses and bottles of wine.

Enjoy a succession of tasting sessions and delicious food pairings as each bottle gets uncorked. As well as gorgeous wine, you can sample cheeses, pies and other Greek delicacies.  The whole private experience will last four hours and is available for groups of 4 or more people. If you’re away on business, it would also make a nice corporate gift idea for entertaining clients.

Outdoor Activity in Greece, Pezoula – Water Bike at Plastira Lake 

A wonderful gift idea to give someone of any age! With your professional guide you will jump onto the unique water bike! The water bikes are purposefully designed with the conditions in mind, keeping your belongings stay nice and dry. So don’t forget to pack some food, drink, a camera, phone and of course, your wallet.

The tour is suitable for any age and you can choose to cycle alone or in a group, even when it’s snowing!

Outdoor Activity tour in Greece, Grevena – Canyoning Kleftis 

If you know an experienced climber, then this is a great gift for him or her. Surprise them with a thrilling day out on the rocks!

You will meet your English speaking guide at Ziakas village square, the whole experience lasting about 4 hours. It would also make a fun birthday gift for teenagers, with climbers welcome from 12 years old.

Reaching the mountain of Orliakas, near the village of Spileon in Grevena you will visit the amazing canyon of Kleftis. It is quite deep and rather narrow, however at parts reaches a height of 150 metres, making it an exhilarating challenge.

Hiking Activity in Greece, Monodentri

This tour is a great gift idea for him or her, especially for the avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast. You will meet your guide at the village of Monodendri and the tour lasts 6 to 7 hours. Provided with walking poles, the hike is from Monodentri, across the Vikos Gorge to Vikos Village where you will experience a very challenging trail.  The entire length of the trail is 12 miles long and reaches depths of over 3,200 feet.

Hike along rock-strewn paths, alongside cliff edges and past rock formations carved by the Voidomatis River.  The narrowest point of the Vikos Gorge is officially the deepest canyon in the world.

Gift Ideas in Greece

Give the gift of a lifetime, one that will be cherished forever! Book a tour with Tourily, where you will find plenty of gift ideas in Greece.