Top attractions in Rome for kids

Rome may not be the first destination that springs to mind when considering a family holiday, but there is plenty to see and do for all ages.

Art, culture and historical attractions may not hold the attention of young children, but fear not, you will find a host of attractions in Rome for kids if you know where to look.

Italy is a country of style and fashion, and young Italian people take a real pride in what they wear.

The top attractions in Rome for kids are varied, depending on what they like to do.

For that reason there are lots of trendy clothes shops in Rome for kids, from babies to teenagers. Where you’ll go to find them depends on how much you want to spend. Try ‘I Pinco Pallino’ on the Via del Babuino for an Italian designer brand which is well known in Italy and Russia but not many other places. It’s quite expensive because the clothes here are handmade of the very finest of materials, but they’re colourful, trendy and above all, fun to wear.

By touring the most famous Rome hotspots, such as the Colloseum, often mean that visitors to Rome miss out on some of the city’s wonderful natural parks.

The Borghese Park is one of the local sources of real Italian entertainment which Romans themselves delight in, while tourists miss out while they’re busy tiring themselves and their kids out by rushing round ancient monuments.

Apart from the 148 acres of parkland and beautiful (and very romantic) pathways, it’s home to a lovely family run cafe – bar, a tiny cinema, a puppet theatre, roller-blade and bike rental, fifteen fountains (see if your kids can find them all!) and a small lake complete with boat rental. It’s also home to Rome Zoo.

Top attractions in Rome for kids also include a stroll around some of the beautiful city parks.

If you’re with your kids in Rome on a Sunday it’s a particularly lively place to be. Italian families tend to come out for a Sunday morning stroll before disappearing for the all-important family lunch.

Explora is the only museum in Rome for younger kids. A top Rome attraction for kids, Explora was designed for the under 12s, it’s very ‘hands-on’ and although the museum’s aim is educational, it’s fun at the same time.

The museum is split into four sections where even very young people can experience various things from everyday life they would never normally get the chance to do, such as driving a fire engine to helping produce a TV programme.

One of the most enjoyable things to do with kids in Rome is to climb to the top of St. Peter’s Dome at the Vatican. The view from the top is spectacular and worth the trek. You must remember, however, that this is a church and, as such, unnecessary noise is strictly prohibited, especially while inside the Dome and basilica itself. Always be aware that if you take children into churches in Italy, they must remain quiet and reverent at all times or you will be asked to leave very quickly.

As you walk from one sight to another, you will find that Rome’s many squares are traffic-free, with plenty of space for little ones to run around while mum and dad enjoy a glass of wine in a pavement café.