The top 5 ways to promote your wine tours

If you offer wine tours, it is vital you make sure your company is being promoted and marketed properly.

Wherever you offer your tours and activities, make sure your company stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to marketing.

The top 5 ways to promote your wine tours include:

Word of mouth

Visitors to your ‘neck of the woods’ will only know about your wine tours if you tell them. Maintain a strong online presence, including a Facebook page which you should update frequently.

Create brochures of your vineyard and distribute them to tourism-related agencies in your region and consider partnering with other companies who offer similar experiences and tours.

Create Special Events

Another top 5 way to promote your wine tour includes:

Give people a reason to tour or do some wine tasting at your vineyard. Organize a calendar of weekly or monthly special events that could include live music or special pairing dinners designed collaboratively with one of your favourite local restaurants. Think creatively to hold events that attract a variety of tourists, and may include a partnership deal with a local business.

Invite local businesses

Another top 5 way to promote your wine tour includes marketing to local business owners have a lot of influence your region. Hold networking events to show them what tours you are offering, who may also be looking for different events to promote their own businesses.

Hosting after-hours wine sampling and wine tours by special invitation is something business leaders will talk about. Provide discounts for those who schedule a company outing, for example.

Brand Your Winery

Make sure you brand your wine with a clear logo, colour scheme and design for your bottle production. Producing corkscrews, wine bags, magnets of your corks, and souvenirs is a great way to get customers talking to their friends. Word of mouth, as you know, is the best advertising.

Take care of your regular customers

If you already offer wine tours, make sure you look after you regular customers. Encourage them to sign up for a regular newsletter, aimed at loyal customers with discounts especially for them. Email marketing is also an excellent way to advertise special events or new products available for purchase.

As you consider these options, it’s a good idea to sit down and create a marketing plan for the upcoming year. Branching out to promote your wine tours can feel overwhelming, so space out these new ideas throughout the year. Remember, with all marketing and advertising, the upfront costs and energy will pay off in the long run with more visitors and more interest in your wine.