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The top 5 ways to increase tour sales by partnering with another company

Whatever type of tours you run, you are likely to increase sales by partnering with another company to help promote your business.

Every business has different goals and a series of tactics to achieve the sales they need to run successfully. When you plan to promote your business, look further than your own marketing and consider partnering with other companies who will extend your outreach and bring in more sales.

The top 5 ways to increase tour sales include:

Partner with companies promoting similar tours

If you are running a wine tour company, for example, partner with a company who is selling similar tours, including gastronomic tours or historical and cultural tours in your part of the world. You may be able to work on a commission basis so you only pay the partnering company an agreed percentage of the sale when they sell your tours. This type of agreement should be a ‘win-win’ for you and the partnering company so find out as much about them as you can.

Tour bundles

If you are selling an adventure tour, white water rafting in New Zealand for example, try to upsell clients similar types of tours in the same region. For example. By selling ‘combination tours’ you should increase each other’s sales almost overnight. This is another top 5 way to increase tour sales.

Create your own marketplace

Whatever type of tour or activity you are selling, take a look at similar companies throughout the world and check out their marketing. You may find a common marketplace where you can partner with them to benefit both companies. In the instance of photography tours, create an ecommerce website where your business and other similar businesses are all listed.

If somebody books themselves on to a tour of that kind in Paris, the chances are they’re going to book a similar one in Barcelona. By being on a marketplace you’ll increase the chances of reaching that customer.

Destination Marketing

If you sell a product that helps promote a destination (wine tours in France for example), you will be promoting that particular region at the same time.

As a result, it’s in a Destination Marketing Organisation’s (DMO’s) interest that you sell as many of your tours as possible. Subsequently, the chances of your local DMO promoting your tour or activity are extremely high.

Another top 5 way to increase tour sales is by clever use of destination marketing.

Adhoc campaigns

By adding extra value to your marketing, you can promote competitions on your website, involving local businesses or partners. If for example you want to celebrate 20 years in business by giving away a 3 night stay in a 5* hotel, why not approach a local restaurant to include a 3-course meal in the prize? That way you will be able to reach their followers on social media if they would like to partner you on the campaign.

Add free luxury travel from another company or suitcases which match your brand. Just think every time you partner with a company in an industry other than travel you’re increasing the reach of your brand.