Top 5 Tours of Athens for 2018

Top 5 Tours of Athens for 2018

With over 12 million visitors each year, Greece is one of the most visited countries in the world. The capital of Athens is filled with historical landmarks and boasts a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s also a fantastic city for finding a local guide with the following top 5 tours of Athens for 2018.

Walking Athens

Given much of the city centre is only accessible on foot, a walking tour of Athens is an obvious idea. With this particular tour you can see ancient ruins along with both new and old architecture. You will learn all about the history of Greece, watch the changing of the guard and sip ouzo in a traditional tavern.

Market, Ruins and Ancient Athens

The title of this one says it all! Exactly as it says on the label. The tour meets in Kotzia Square before heading to the market, mix with the locals and find some bargains. Try some freshly made food and your ready to go. Elsewhere in Greece it may be all about sunshine and sandy beaches, however Athens the ancient ruins attract the tourists. Your guide will take you around the city, into a period that helped pave the way for the modern world.

Taste of Athens

With this food tour you will get to sample the “big five” of Greek food and drink. In case you don’t know what these are, then look no further: ouzo, feta, olives, olive oil and koulouri. The last of these may not be as commonly known, but once you taste this Greek bread, you will know why it’s up there with the best of them.

Twilight Athens Tour

This time around you get to see the best of Athens when it isn’t quite so crowded, towards the end of the day as the sun goes down. You still get to see the ancient ruins, but this is more about getting    to hear more about the myths and legends that surround them. Furthermore, the early evening walkabout sees the city come alive. So enjoy some local spirits and a few bits to eat here and there and you’ll soon feel right at home among the Greeks.

Total Athens Tour

If you want to have a private guide take you out for the whole day, then Total Athens Tour will help you experience 2 alternative sides to the city. On the one hand there’s the tastes of Athens you’ve already about above, so you know you won’t go hungry. The 2nd part is a tour we’ve not yet mentioned in “Bohemian Tales”. You will get to see the arty side of Athens, with a guided tour that takes you round the back streets to art workshops, local cafes and more.

Tours of Athens

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