Top 5 Private Tours of Athens for 2018

Top 5 Private Tours of Athens for 2018

If you’re visiting Greece this year there are plenty of guided tours for you to choose from. The bonus in booking these 5 private tours of Athens for 2018 is they can be tailored to your own needs. You still have the benefits of an organised tour, but the guide is all yours and the only guests are those within your holiday party.

Private Athens: Walking Tour

Walking tours in Athens can be hard work on your feet and some of your group may not be as mobile as others. If you choose a private walking tour, then it gives you more freedom to travel at your own pace. Is there a burning question you may be embarrassed to ask with people you’ve only just met? Or do you want to stay in the bar for another glass of Ouzo?

Private Athens: Markets and Ancient Ruins

Likewise with a private tour of the Markets and Ancient Ruins, you have more flexibility than if you book the regular tour. So when you take off round the local market, there’s more time to focus on your shopping. If there’s a particular ruin during your tour in Ancient Greece that you want to learn more about, your guide will happily give you their full attention. So travel back 1000’s of years as you enjoy this walking tour in the capital.

Private Athens: Taste the City

Then there’s all the wonderful food and drink Greece has to offer. In particularly what’s being referred to here as the “big 5” of Greek cuisine. Feta cheese, olives and olive oil, koulouri bread and the world renowned spirit, ouzo. The private Athens tour doesn’t mind if there’s 2 of you or 12. If you’re all friends, family or maybe work colleagues, on this private tour you get to share the tastes of Greece with those you travelled with.

Private Athens: Bohemian Tales of the City

If you’re looking for an alternative tour in Athens, then Bohemian Tales of the City is for you. It’s a great way of getting around the trendy areas of the city. The private tour is perfect when travelling with like-minded individuals. You can discover local artists, popular cafes and bars that are off the beaten track. All while meeting the real people of Athens and those who know it best.

Private Athens: Twilight Tour

When the sun goes down, Athens nightlife comes alive. The chances are you want to spend the night partying with those in your group, it’s why you’re on holiday with them in the first place! The Twilight Tour will show you around some of Ancient Greece after the crowds have started to disperse. Starting early evening, with time to enjoy the rest of your night in the best bars around.

Book your private tour in Athens today, try something different and see it all within your own personal tour guide.