The top 5 marketing tips for tour companies

With a vast range of marketing tools at your fingertips, including social media, online advertising and SEO, what is the best way to market your tour company?

In a world of technological advances and infinite possibilities to market your business, what are the best things to invest in to reach more people and eventually increase your sales?

Our top 5 marketing tips include:

Market to your ideal customer

Always bear in mind that your most profitable prospect is your ideal customer, so market to their needs. Aim at customers who already love your product or service. By profiling your customers, this will help you decide what social media channels you need to invest time into.


Some of the most credible advertising comes from the people you already know and trust. Your online channels are your second most trusted tool with over 70% of people saying they trust what they read on these sites. Over 50% of people trust emails they signed up for, proving that the best tactics will involve positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Repeat custom

Encourage customers to buy again or use your service again by offering special deals and competitions exclusively for them. This is one of the best ways to market your tour company.

The reason for this is your existing customers are 10x more likely to buy from you again than new customers and it costs much more to acquire a new customer than to retain one. Developing a targeted customer relationship management plan is the most effective way to increase repeat customers.


There is no prescribed formula for successful marketing in the tourism industry. But, from our experience, those businesses that are offering transparency, honesty and communicate consistently to the right people, at the right time, with the right message will be successful with their marketing efforts.

So, whether you are a one-man-band tourism business, or a medium size corporate, there are a number of marketing activities that all tour companies need to be investing in, including managing current and potential customer’s needs via a strategic customer relationship management strategy.

Partner with other companies

Another top 5 marketing tip for a tour company is to actively build relationships with other like-minded tourism businesses to increase bookings. Work out a partnership deal where you can reward other companies with commission if they sell your tours or activities. Measure and review effectiveness on a regular basis to ensure you are achieving a positive return on investment.

Partnerships for both parties involved are more often than not win-win situations for both companies. When businesses have great partners to refer customers to that are similarly related to the same industry, customers recognize this and go the partner for their needs because they trust the company that referred them on. This in turn helps provide both businesses with new clients and customers and increases strong word of mouth and company loyalty.