Top 5 most bizarre sightseeing tours in Europe

Why walk around a city sight-seeing – when you can have a beer whilst peddling a bike to look about! Check out these five bizarre tours of Europe:

See Amsterdam by a Beer Bike

This has to be one of the most bizarre sightseeing tours in Europe – drinking and pedalling whilst taking soaking up Netherlands’ famous capital city. You and companions climb aboard an 18-seater bar which is on wheels manned by a definitely sober driver and serve yourselves unlimited free beer whilst pedalling along. The tour lasts two-hours and you will see famous sights such as the Canal Belt without the worry of drunk driving or even speeding – as the bar’s top speed goes to 6kmph.  There is also a karaoke machine on board and if you happen to be the winner of the show – you will receive a yellow jumper.

See Stockholm by Hiking across the Rooftops

This is definitely an unusual walking tour for all you daredevils out there! You will be an amazing 140ft above the city, but do not worry as you will be secured with the best safety equipment. How else could you see the breath-taking views of Stockholm’s islands. The views are especially extraordinary from the rooftop of the Old Parliament building and if you visit after dark, your guide will tell you eerie stories of murder and unusual things that go bump in the night.

See Krakow by vodka tram

Seeing Krakow’s sights by tram is another bizarre sightseeing tour in Europe – as it is no ordinary tram! You will travel along with the video screens, sound system. It comes with a vodka expert guide who will tell you all about the world of Polish vodka, its history and how to drink it. You will visit Grand Square with its fabulous landmarks, mime artists and street singers, whilst enjoying the finest firewater that Poland has to offer.

Snowshoeing in Dolomites

Snowshoeing is a wonderful sightseeing tour in Europe – as it takes you into beautiful snow-laden landscapes that are not accessible to drivers or trekkers. You will explore the shore of Lago di Braies and the Fanes-Senne National Park, following old WW1 tracks and forest trails and learning about the region’s military history along the way.

Hot Air Balloon Flights France

The site is situated near to Chateau de Versailles and offers hot air balloon flights in the morning or evening. The flights are not only an ideal way to see all the stunning landscapes and architecture from above, but also the perfect way to add a sparkle of romance to a special moment in your life – maybe an anniversary or birthday; or what a beautiful way to propose to a loved one!