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Top 5 most bizarre sightseeing tours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has some rather unconventional attractions scattered around their city. They may not be as famous as the Rijksmuseum or Stedelijk but still have their own unusual charms. If you are looking to visit Holland for something a bit different – check out these sightseeing tours in Amsterdam:

5 Most Bizarre Sightseeing Tours in Amsterdam

De Poezenboot (The Cat Boat)

A very bizarre sightseeing tour in Amsterdam is this Cat Boat. With most of Amsterdam’s streets surrounded by water, it’s not unsurprising that many residents have decided to reside on houseboats and live on the canals.

De Poezenboot houses several gorgeous cats inside a floating barge anchored on to the banks of the Singel canal. This boat is the only aquatic cat sanctuary in the whole world and encourages visitors to come and play with their fluffy animals!

Electric Ladyland

Another attraction for bizarre sightseeing tours in Amsterdam is Electric Ladyland. The psychedelic gallery devoted entirely to fluorescent art. The founder was attracted to naturally occurring luminosity while he worked as a geologist and so decided to convert his basement into a vast display of all things glowing. This fascinating place contains a stunning collection of fluorescent rocks, and neon artwork dating back to the 1960s, as well as a whole room beautifully illuminated by phosphorescent minerals.

Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder

The ordinary exterior to this amazing museum doesn’t do the beautiful treasures inside justice. The museum itself was originally created to preserve a historic townhouse that dated back to the Dutch Golden Age, where the contents remain virtually untouched.

Once you’ve headed up the narrow staircase, the attic uncovers a room which was converted in 1663 into a stunning Catholic chapel. At the time Catholicism was illegal in the Netherlands, making this an important piece of Amsterdam’s history.


During the 2nd World War, the Dutch Government built a trail of atomic bunkers across the country. When the war was declared over, many were left abandoned. It wasn’t until 2011 that a collective of artists gained funding for a secret bunker in Vondelpark. Which they went on to transform it into a non-profit organisation. Today the Vondelbunker provides sightseeing tours in Amsterdam and an unique venue for alternative movies, independent plays and music workshops.

Hemp, Marihuana & Hashish Museum

While the recreational use of marijuana is often given a bad name, the cannabis plant is in fact highly versatile. The Hemp, Marihuana & Hashish Museum is keen to demonstrate this, along with its health benefits and historical past. The museum has also opened a new gallery dedicated to the help industry. There is also a satellite museum in Barcelona.

Micropia Zoo

The Micorpia Zoo in Amsterdam is the only zoo of its kind in the world. It may sound quite creepy but we have tiny microorganisms living all over our bodies. With the use of interactive exhibitions the museum shows the magical world of microbes like never before.