Pompey’s Theatre Rome

Top 5 most amazing experiences in Rome

Rome’s main draw will always be the exciting energy of a city that lives life through its history and culture. The challenge is deciding what to do! However, if you are looking for a more exciting time, take at look at these top 5 amazing experiences in Rome:

Rome Underground Adventures

Definitely try to visit the Coliseum’s underground chambers and gladiator passageways on this fantastic tour. Furthermore, it’s one of those amazing experiences normally off-limits to the general public. You will visit the arena floor to see where the gladiatorial action took place. The tour finishes with a visit to the Roman Forum, viewing temples and arches as you follow the footsteps of ancient emperors.

Amazing Experiences in Rome – Undergound

Rome has plenty of other places that you can explore underground, and the most magnificent underground explore is St Clemente (Via di San Giovanni in Laterano). It is a 12th-century church, lined with a gorgeous apse mosaic. However, there is a staircase down to the next layer leading down to a 4th-century church, decorated with jaded frescoes. However, even more mysterious – is the next staircase leading down to a Roman house and a pagan temple, with a stunning altar showing Mithras killing a bull. Underneath all this is the sound of a flowing river flowing through a Republic-era drain.

Pyramid in Rome

The 2000 year old pyramid in the centre of Rome is incredibly surreal, but comes from a time when Emperor Aurelian introduced a little bit of Egypt into the city. It is preserved within the former walls of Rome, becoming one of many places to visit.

Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Tour

Another of those amazing experiences in Rome is to catch a glimpse of the Pope. While religious ceremonies may be harder to gate crash, you can still book a tour in advance. That way you gain entrance to experience the marvels and history of the Vatican first hand. With a small group and an expert guide you will be shown around the majestic interiors of St. Peter’s Basilica, complete with the timeless frescoes of the Sistine Chapel’s famous ceiling.

Bus Tours of Rome

This is where you can plan your perfect sightseeing tour and again an amazing experience in Rome. With the bus tours you will travel at ease between all of Rome’s major attractions. Stops include the Coliseum, St Peter’s Basilica and the Spanish Steps all with an audio running commentary.

Pompey’s Theatre, Scene of Julius Caesar’s Murder and the Cats

If you love cats, then amazing experiences in Rome don’t come much better! There’s a cat sanctuary where you can make a donation, but you will make lots of feline friends as they run free within the sunken area. It is also however the spot where Julius Caesar was murdered, you can also find the remains of Pompey’s Theatre as you give the cats a cuddle.