Amsterdam Museum

Top 10 sightseeing holidays in Amsterdam

The Netherlands’ capital is of course famous for its notorious red light district! However, sightseeing holidays in Amsterdam go much further. Amsterdam also boasts world-class art museums including the Rijksmuseum, and the Stedelijk museum of modern art. Then there’s the famous Van Gogh Museum. There is so much to do here, so take a look at the ten top sights on offer:

Top 10 Sightseeing Holidays in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Museum

Definitely one of the top 10 sightseeing attractions in Amsterdam is this fascinating museum. Among the collections are items relating the historical past of the city, which include artwork to a replica of the famous Café ‘t Mandje pub which had become notorious throughout the red light district.

Famous Flower Market

Situated just outside the city, is the most famous place to buy tulips in the Bloemenarkt market, found along the Singel. As well as flowers, you can also buy various cheeses at the superb Reypenaer tasting room.

Lose yourself in Amsterdam’s Canal Belt

Criss-crossed by stunning bridges, 165 canals circle Amsterdam and keep the sea at bay. The waterways provide a quaint border to show the Museum Quarter, the Jordaan and the Pilp. You will find unique shops, galleries and cute cafés. The most picturesque of all the canals is Prinsengracht, lined by beautiful shady trees and quaint houseboats.

Picnic in the Vondelpark

Head off to the Vondelpark for another top 10 sightseeing experience in Amsterdam and visit the perfect picnic place. The largest green area in Amsterdam. The park is actually named after its best-known poet, Joost van den Vondel. The Park is also a cultural hub, with various sculptures including one by Picasso.

Rent an Amsterdam Bike and Cycle

For another top 10 sightseeing experience in Amsterdam cycling is the wonderful Dutch way of getting around the city. Cycling actually played a vital role in the early-20th century campaign to secure the woman’s vote. There are plenty of places to hire them with clear cycle lanes joining the city together.

Eat street food, Amsterdam-style

You have simply got to try raw herring. The best time is probably between May and July when the brand new catch hits the various stands. There are quality fish stalls around almost every corner.

Tour the Red Light District

Amsterdam’s Red Light District has cultivated a notorious reputation on an international scale. But when you visit, you will discover the reality is quite a bit different. It’s like a tiny version of Las Vegas, with cheesy sex shops, bars and other famous delights! Located in a triangle formed by the Central Station, it is the oldest part of the city. This is should be part of everybody’s sightseeing holidays in Amsterdam, although not for the easily offended!

Rijksmuseum for Old Master paintings

The architect Pierre Cuypers, is also responsible for the city’s Central Station, he saw it as the place for the veneration of Rembrandt and friends. The building’s ten-year renovation by the Spanish architect Cruz y Ortiz is also nothing short of masterful, including a light-flooded atrium and a smart new Asian Pavilion.

Explore Amsterdam’s Parks and Canals on Skates

If you enjoy skating, you will adore Amsterdam. In winter, the frozen canals provide a playground for local ice-skating. In summer, you will find many locals and tourists skating through the park. An event which is all year round, occurs at 9pm on a Friday night, when skating enthusiasts meet opposite in the the Vondelpark to join a 20km, three-hour stint through the streets and ending up at a pub.

Dutch art – at the Stedelijk Museum

The stunning bathtub-shaped Stedelijk Museum has a brilliant collection of 20th and 21st-century artists. It boasts works by Cézanne, Picasso, Matisse and Chagall, plus a selection of paintings and drawings by Malevich.