Things to do in Budapest

If you’re looking for a city break in mainland Europe, Hungary is a great country to visit for a long weekend. In particular there are plenty of things to do in Budapest. You won’t find the usual crowds of tourists flocking to Europe in search of beach holidays, as the country is landlocked by the borders of 7 other countries. That just means there must be another reason for people to visit.

Well you only need to join a walking tour in Hungary and you will soon gain an insight into the wonderful architecture. There are many historic buildings in the capital of Budapest, from the houses on Houses on Vienna Gate Square to the 19th century Sandor Palace (currently headquarters of the President of the Republic of Hungary).

Although you can have a great time wherever you visit during your trip to Hungary, there’s a lot of things to do in Budapest. When you’ve finished visiting your sightseeing, you will no doubt be in need of some refreshment.

Things to do in Budapest

If you are with a group of friends, maybe celebrating a birthday or a family gathering there’s often that hard decision on where to end the night. It could be you’re out on a stag or hen weekend and wanting someone else to organise the pub crawl. Whatever the reason, Private Budapest: Best beers of Budapest would be the ideal tour.

With a personal guide by your side, you can experience the drinking culture in Hungary without having to seek out the bars for yourself. Taking in the trendy and vibrant areas you will end up in a steampunk theme bar, a warehouse alongside the Danube river and an award winning craft beer house.

Although the lack of beaches may distract some holiday makers, Budapest is still one of the most visited cities in Europe. As such you may be looking at booking your tour in Budapest while organising a trip out of season. If it’s a winter holiday you’re looking at, then Christmas celebrations will be well under way.

If you’re religious, in particularly Christian, November/December is a great time of year for church and cathedral tours. Those after a family experience could book the Merry Markets and Mulled Wines tour, combining far more than just flea markets.

As well as a shopping trip through the many market stalls, your local guide will give you an insight into Hungarian traditions and much more. Learn the history of the region along the way, with a bonus of a sight-seeing tour included.

There will of course be a glass of mulled wine to keep you warm along a slice of traditional Christmas cake as a treat. Remember to get the children to look out for Father Christmas, as he always arrives early in Budapest.