The top 10 attractions in Perugia, Italy

Capital of the Umbria region, Perugia boasts a beautiful, historical city centre and is famous for its defensive walls.

The top attractions in Perugia include:

Towards the Sky

Take the MiniMetro up to Perugia´s highest point and enjoy stunning views. Relax and enjoy the sights from the Living Café and order one of those famous Italian cappuchinos.

2. The National Gallery

Take the MiniMetro to Via Oberdan which will take you to Piazza Matteotti. Nearby is the National Gallery where you can enjoy incredible art exhibitions and artefacts. Take a trip to nearby San Francesco and the Church in the Meadow.

3. Eat, drink and be merry

One thing there is no shortage of in Perugia is restaurants, cafés and bars, and if you want to ´make like a Perugian´ when the weather is good eat on the steps of the Cathedral. Enjoy a pizza to go, a panini or a hot sandwich from one of the busy takeaways nearby. Some great coffee shops fill the streets around the Cathedral and all are happy to serve takeaways.

4. The Aqueduct

The Aqueduct is a great place for a stroll. Walk past the fountain near the Cathedral and head right into Via Baldeschi, then follow a steep street down – Via Appia. You will find the Aqueduct walk down here – a great place for a leisurely stroll.

5.The University for Foreigners

From the Aqueduct walk towards Piazza Fortebraccio and you will see the University for Foreigners on the right hand side – a large pink building. A fantastic view from the top of the building – treat yourself to an Italian ice cream close by.

6. Chocolate in Perugia

If you are looking for superb chocolate, visit Augusta Perugia close to the University on Via Pinturicchio. The chocolate is made on the premises and packaged in boxes, decorated with paintings of the city. A great gift for family or friends.

7. The Cathedral of Perugia

Head back towards the Piazza and venture inside the Cathedral. Not the most attractive building from the outside, but the Baroque interiors take some beating. Stained glass windows and the relic of the wedding ring make your visit worthwhile.

8. The Whispering Arches

Visit the Whispering Arches at the end of Corso Vanucci and across the Piazza Italia. Go under the arcade to the corner of the building and hear your whispers come to life!

9. Rocca Paolina

After whispering sweet nothings in the arches, use the escalator which leads to the old city, and stroll the streets of a medieval part of town which was once home to a huge fortress built by a pope to keep the people of Perugia in line.

Dinner in Perugia

If you are looking for something typically Perugian, head for Dal Mi´Cocco which is close to the University in Corso Garibaldi. Set menus are great value for money and offer homemade pasta, soups, pizzas and vegetarian options.

To make the most of Perugia, Italy, book a gastronomic tour, a city tour, a rural tour, an adventure tour or a cultural and historical tour with a knowledgeable local guide.