Slovenia Adventure Activities

Slovenia Adventure Activities

Slovenia is a beautiful small country situated right in the heart of Europe and is also the first country in the world to be acknowledged as a ‘Green Destination’. It is a rather diverse country divided into four key European landscapes. The European Alps, the mysterious Karst Dinaric Alps, the Pannonian Plain and the green rolling Danubian hills are all ideal for Slovenia adventure activities.

So, if Slovenia is your holiday destination this year, take a look at some of the popular Slovenia adventure activities:

Slovenia, Zavrsnica Valley – Horse Riding Trip

This is a beautiful horse riding trip through stunning countryside. Your trip takes you through the amazing Karavanke mountain range and into the beautiful Zavrsnica valley.

Start from the farm stables, situated in a village approximately 10 minutes drive from Bled. The trip lasts about 2 hours but longer trips can easily be arranged.  The rides are arranged to fit the rider with either family rides or skilled-paced rides. It is a super fun way to see the scenery and countryside for all the family. The minimum age is 6 years and a height restriction of 3 ft 10 inches with a maximum weight of 242 Ibs.

Slovenia, Ljubljana – River Day Trip 

This is a fantastic trip from Ljubljana to the highest Slovenian mountain pass. You will visit the most breath-taking views of the Julian Alps. You will then continue through the gorgeous Trenta valley to Bovec. The picturesque village is famous for the emerald green Soca River.

As you arrive, you can decide whether to test your adrenaline skills at white water rafting or head off to Kobarid to visit the WW1 museum. Along the journey, you will see the glorious Russian Chapel the Kluže Fortress, and other historical landmarks. Then on the way back to Ljubljana, there is a final stop at the stunning Kozjak waterfall.

Slovenia, Bled – Scuba Diving

Lake Bled is rich with freshwater species, diverse water plants and numerous sorts of algae and reeds. Underwater photographers and inquisitive divers will love Slovenia Adventure Activities like this one.

You will soon discover a rather different diving experience. Your vision becomes harder to see under water after around 3 meters.

Scuba diving in Lake Bled is unlike deep sea diving and is only recommended for experienced divers! Therefore, you need to have a valid scuba diving certificate. Check the itinerary for further details.

Slovenia, Bled – Skydiving

Adrenalin junkies out there, how about enjoy dizzying heights and vast speed!  The instructor will be a trained pilot and uses the very latest equipment. The free-falling experience is indescribable and something you will never forget. Tandem jumps are performed from altitudes of 3500 to 4000 meters. As a result, free falling lasts 35 to 60 seconds with the total experience lasting about an hour.

Slovenia, Bled – Hot Air Ballooning

Alternatively, this is an exciting experience in Slovenia for all the family! Lake Bled and the powerful Julian Alps will pass by underneath the balloon, as you float through the sky. Passengers can enjoy fantastic views, just as the starts to rise. Spend 1-hour flying, while the whole experience lasts 5 hours in total.

Slovenia Adventure Activities

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