Sightseeing in Gibraltar

Sightseeing tour in Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Rock

Gibraltar sits at the mouth of the Mediterranean and is a fantastic destination. It is only one hour´s drive from the famous Costa del Sol towns of Marbella and Puerto Banus. It has an amazing history and even though it may well only be 6.8 kilometres squared, there is still so much to do here. Book a sightseeing tour in Gibraltar and explore World War II tunnels, admire the breath-taking views from the famous Rock of Gibraltar and visit the ruins of a Moorish castle. It is also a popular stop for cruise ships touring the Spanish coasts.

Of course, you cannot visit Gibraltar and not see the eminent Rock of Gibraltar dominating the peninsula. There are different ways to reach the top of this huge rock, which actually rises 426 meters from the sea. You can hire a car to drive up or if you are feeling very energetic take a hike. The leisurely cable car ride however presents amazing views but the easiest way is with a Gibraltar sight-seeing tour.  Once you have reached the top, meet the resident Barbary macaques – the famous monkeys.

The rock contains over 50 kilometres of tunnels, created during the Second World War using just hand tools. In the first stages of the war, the British thought that Germany would attack Gibraltar. As a result the plan was to accommodate thousands of troops inside the tunnels in preparation. This actually never occurred so the tunnels were used for other purposes such as a hospital.

Gilbraltar boasts six fabulous beaches too – Catalan Bay, Camp Bay, Little Bay, Eastern Beach, Western Beach and Sandy Bay. To the east of the rock the beaches are sandy but to the west they are quite rocky beaches.

Gibraltar boasts a variety of monuments – the most famous being the mosque at Eurpoa Point. There are also the Sikorski Monument (Polish resistance), the Pillars of Hercules and the Royal Memorial plaque (Queen Elizabeth 2nd). Elsewhere you can see the cradle of history monument, Nelson’s statue, The Evacuation monument, British war memorial and many more.

Sightseeing Tour in Gibraltar

So, whether you are visiting for a break or on a business trip, you must take a tour of the magnificent Rock of Gibraltar –as outlined below.

Gibraltar Rock and Roll 

With your English speaking guide and your own personal transportation head off on this amazing sightseeing tour. Take in the amazing views from the Atlantic Ocean where the infamous monkeys live.  The tour also visits the Pillars of Hercules – where According to Greek mythology Hercules had to complete 12 tasks.

Call into St Michaels Cave – a network of amazing caves made of limestone. You will then receive an in-depth guided walk and talk through the Great Siege Tunnels. One of the most impressive defence system ever devised.

The tour lasts for approximately 2 hours and includes a snack or sandwich at Gibraltar Rock.

So, book this fantastic sightseeing tour in Gibraltar today. One which combines magnificent history, panoramic views and the chance to meet the delightfully cute resident monkeys!