Sightseeing in Sweden

Visiting Scandinavia and Sightseeing in Sweden

The Scandinavian country of Sweden is great for an alternative holiday. Although it is one of the largest countries in Europe in terms of size, it is relatively small in terms of population. This results in plenty of opportunities for sightseeing in Sweden, with a sensational natural landscape.

Located in the North of Europe, Sweden borders Norway and Finland, with a tunnel connecting those travelling from Denmark. It is however the capital of Stockholm that attracts the most tourists with an abundance of things to see and do.

The Swedish countryside is filled with lakes and streams, snow-capped mountains and rolling hills and villages can be found dotted about the rural areas. Whereas cities in the south are often more accessible to those on holiday.

World Heritage Sites attract people visiting Sweden for the first time, however it’s not particular known as a tourist destination. In fact tourism only contributes to around 3% of the country’s economy.

It is however the ideal opportunity to experience a country with a tour by a local guide. Whether you end up going off the beaten track or staying central, you’re always going to get an authentic feel of Scandinavian life.

Sightseeing in Sweden

So what are the most popular tourist attractions in Sweden? The Millesgarden art museum on the island of Lidgingo, Stockholm. Enjoy a guided tour of what was once home to Swedish artists Carl and Olga Milles. The gallery is visited for the art on display within the building, as well as the intriguing sculpture garden.

Another of Stockholm’s most visited attractions is the Vasa Museum, again in Stockholm. The Swedish Warship “Vasa” is on display here, which having sunk in 1628 was pulled from the seabed in 1961. The salvage operation was a huge success, with the shipwreck being almost fully intact. It’s a popular attraction, with the ship viewed by over 35 million visitors since the museum first opened.

In the summer you can book tickets for the opera festival at Drottningholm Palace Theatre, with classical concerts and live opera. Public tours are also available if you wish to visit during the day. The theatre has been part of a refurbishment project and is now a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are a number of other World Heritage Sites in Sweden, from the stunning views of the High Coast in Ångermanland to the naval port of Karlskrona.

Historical Tour of Sweden

Much of Sweden’s early history stems from the Viking age. A time when the country was under rule from around the 8th to 11th centuries. Swedish Vikings sailed the Black Sea and across Europe, with evidence indicating they even reached further afield.

With this era playing a major role in Scandinavia, a historical tour of Sweden is a fantastic way of getting to understand its past. If you join the Viking Day Out you will discover the Viking world of Stockholm.

The sightseeing tour will pick you up from hotels in the city centre, before taking you for a drive through the countryside. As you reach Sweden’s oldest towns, Gamla Uppsala and Sigtuna, you will be able to stop for some lunch.

Learn about the Viking way of life and visit a number of important sites, runestones and Viking burial grounds. With an English speaking guide by your side and all transport costs including within the price, this is a fantastic chance to appreciate the grass roots of Swedish history.

Wherever you decide to go on holiday, historical tours and sightseeing tours come highly recommended. You can get to know the origins of a country, while spending time outside as you take in your new surroundings.

Getting to Stockholm

There are 4 airports surrounding the capital. If you’re flying into Stockholm-Arlanda Airport then the high-speed train service is ideal, taking 20 minutes to reach your destination. There are coach services available from each airport, providing transfers into the city.

If you are driving to Sweden, then you will enjoy sightseeing from the open roads. That’s not to say you won’t want to do some walking though. How about you leave the car and make use of the park and ride facilities? These will help take you into the busier areas. You can always hire a car upon arrival, but either way remember to read up on parking and congestion charges.

Walking tours are a great way to get around a busy city. You can download an app or just wonder around at your own pace. Alternatively book a walking tour and join a local guide.

Public transport in Stockholm

The official public transport system in the capital is run by SL, who are responsible for buses, trains and the underground. There are also a number of ferry services also available. You can purchase single tickets (valid for 75 minutes) or day/monthly tickets which are great for self-guided hop-on/hop-off tours in Stockholm.

Booking a Sightseeing Tour in Sweden

You can book your sightseeing tour before you travel with, ready to start your adventure the moment you arrive.