Sightseeing in Europe – What is Left to do in Amsterdam

Why not take a break from the touristy things when sightseeing in Europe and make the most of your time in Amsterdam and try something different.

Sightseeing in Europe – What is Left to do in Amsterdam

Here are some suggestions for more unique things to do in the Dutch capital:

Sherlocked in Amsterdam’s first escape room

If you are after something quite unusual to experience in Amsterdam why not get a group of family or friends together and let yourself be Sherlocked! You will be locked into a very strange room full of mind boggling secrets; your job is to solve all the puzzles to find your way out of there!

Visit Pubs on the intersection of the Albert Cuyp Market and Eerste van der Helststraat

If you arrive around 5pm just when the market is finishing, it is absolutely fascinating to sit and watch the ‘market cowboys’ driving around in their trucks. It is absolute mayhem but such fun to watch.

Amsterdamse Bos

This is Amsterdam’s very own special delightful forest and is an unusual sightseeing experience in Amsterdam. It has its own open-air theatre, a working goat farm (do try their delicious cheese!) and a fantastic attraction called “Fun Forest”. The adventure playground is so big that adults adore it as much as the kids and makes for a great day out!

Amsterdam City Archives

Another great sightseeing experience in Amsterdam is to visit the city archives housed in De Bazel. Once a former bank boasting an art deco style, the building has been fabulously restored in a very successful mix of old and new. Visit the very important historical pieces displayed in the former treasury. You can also have a wonderful lunch in the quaint cafe but don’t forget the delightful book and gift shop!

Picnic on the Quay in front of the Hermitage Museum

A lovely relaxing experience with fabulous views up and down the Amstel River. Afterwards, why not take a stroll to one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful green secrets: the amazing Hortus Botanical Garden.

Visit two Weird Museums

Check out the wonderful Pianola Museum in the Jordaan area and the Katten Kabinet, the latter dedicated solely to cat related artwork!

Dinner at Café Reuring in de Pijp

At this amazing restaurant they only cook using the very best fresh produce. Their menu changes every other week with lots of variety, so it is always great fun to go back and try something new.

Cafe de Ceuvel

You can very easily spend a whole day at de Ceuvel, maybe relax in the hammock on the porch and soak in the atmosphere. Enjoy fabulous organic food, lovely drinks and live music by the waterside. There are also the most amazing sunsets!

NDSM Wharf

Sightseeing in Europe is always enjoyable from the water. Hop on the free ferry across the IJ River to Amsterdam Noord, where you can visit the Buiksloterdijk and Nieuwendammerdijk settlements. At the same time explore the NDSM Wharf as there is always something happening or enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants.