Sightseeing in Denmark

Enjoy Sightseeing in Denmark, Scandinavia

The Scandinavian country of Denmark is often famous for 3 reasons. One is the Danish are known as the world’s leading producers of pork. Another due to Denmark being the home of the popular building brick Lego, while it is also the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson.

When you start to dig deeper however, there is much more to Denmark than meets the eye. It’s previously been given 1st place in the official World Happiness Report and currently ranking 2nd, narrowly missing out to Norway in 2017.

Mostly surrounded by sea, you can look out across the North Sea or into the Baltic Sea, while the historic country of Germany is to the south. When you’re visiting Scandinavia, enjoy sightseeing in Denmark, with these suggestion on things to see and do.

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

One of Copenhagen most visited tourist attractions. It’s also the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world, behind Dyrehavsbakken (also in Denmark). Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843 and continues to attract around 4.5 million visitors every year.

The wooden rollercoaster at the park has been running since 1914 and certainly attracts the crowds. In fact there are 4 rollercoasters at Tivoli Gardens, along with many other rides and attractions. It’s popular for all ages but in particular makes for a fun family day out in Copenhagen, especially with the kiddies rides.

If you’re after a more sedate day in the park, it’s not just for those after an adventure holiday. You can enjoy afternoon entertainment at one of the several theatres and concert halls.

Palaces and Castles in Copenhagen

When you’re in the Danish capital there are lots of sightseeing activities in Copenhagen, several involving palaces and castles.

You wouldn’t go on a sightseeing tour in London without going to Buckingham Palace. So if you’re in Copenhagen drop by Amalienborg Palace, home of the Danish Royal Family. Then there’s Christianborg Palace, where the Danish parliament takes place.

If you want to go on a sightseeing tour in Denmark, then you can learn more about the parliament buildings on the Hygge and Happiness tour. With this tour you will also gain an insight into local life and why it is that Denmark is one the happiest countries in the world.

Rosenborg Castle was built at the start of the 1600’s, built in the style of the Dutch Renaissance style. Guided tours are available or you can take your time as you wander around the gardens.

Elsewhere across country the list of castles and palaces goes on forever, all offering something different. You can visit the buildings up close or as your tour passes through the countryside as part of your holiday.

Museums in Denmark

Sightseeing in Denmark doesn’t have to take you far out the capital, in fact many museums in Denmark are in Copenhagen.

There’s the National Gallery of Denmark (aka Statens Museum for Kunst). You can visit the gallery and see a vast collection of foreign art from the 14th century to the modern day. Look forward to European Art along with a large amount of Danish and Nordic pieces the 1700 and 1800’s.

If you’re visiting elsewhere, then how about the Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus. In conjunction with the Institute of Prehistoric Archaeology, Medieval and Renaissance Archaeology and Anthropology at Aarhus University, it houses a collection of archaeological finds.

Moesgaard Manor and surroundings are perfect for sightseeing in Denmark, with over 100 hectares of land there’s plenty to see. Parks and forest, open fields and a lovely shoreline, the medieval water mill, Thai style house and even the Grauballe Man.

Danish Neighbourhoods

Sightseeing in Denmark is the perfect way of getting to know the real essence of the city. If you join a tour with a local guide, then you can find all the right (or wrong!) places to visit.

Like many capitals, Copenhagen is diverse in cultures and its way of life. There are a couple of guided sightseeing tours in the capital worth booking. First up, join a trip through the Nørrebro Neighbourhood the trendy side of Copenhagen.

Denmark brings together a number of nationalities, over 55 in fact. So you can imagine how diverse Norrebro will be. You will get to see it all, the best shops, hippest bars, tastiest restaurants and enjoy those famous theme park rides.

Even the happiest of countries have a darker side. With the Vice & Vesterbro walking tour you can venture into what was once the roughest neighbourhood in Copenhagen. Once upon time this district was full of shady characters, but your local guide will tell you more along the way!

Legoland, Billund

One of the biggest exports from Denmark comes in the form of the world famous building blocks. We are of course talking about those tiny pieces of Lego. Founded in 1932, the childhood toy instantly became a firm favourite for generations to come.

The Lego Group was formed in Billund, so it makes sense one of the best Legoland theme parks is in Denmark.  You can visit the resort, which has been open since the 60’s. Built next to the original Lego factory, it features roller coasters and water rides to circus shows in Duplo Land.

Lego was derived from the words “Leg godi”, translated as “play well”. Which when confronted with a box of the little bricks, it’s difficult not to!

Sightseeing in Denmark

If you’ve decided to go sightseeing in Denmark, then book yourself on a Danish tour and try something different.