Rome Bike Tour

Thinking of Booking a Rome Bike Tour in Italy?

There are a number of ways to get around any city, but when it comes to a busy capital it can start to get a bit tricky. Especially somewhere like Rome when many of the main areas of pedestrianised.

Although walking tours have their place, this is where a Rome Bike Tour can come in handy.  You get to cycle through the city and see a lot more than when travelling on two feet.

Overview of Rome

Italy’s capital city is one of the most visited in the world, with a history that stretches back 28 centuries. The Romans lay claim to founding Rome in 753 BC, but the reality dates even earlier.

Once ruled by the likes of the Roman Empire, this is a city of great interest. The famous emperor Julius Caesar is one of the biggest characters to have come from the city. Ruins around the city are left largely untouched from this fascinating time in history, with the huge Colosseum at the centre.

There are other ancient monuments in Rome too, including the Roman Forum and Pantheon Temple. If it wasn’t for laws established years ago at the Roman Forum, politics today would be almost unrecognisable.

Elsewhere in Rome, is the home of the Catholic Church. Vatican City strictly speaking is its own sovereign state within the city. It is however the place to be if you wish to attend an audience with the Pope.

Reasons to visit Rome

As the 3rd most visited city in the world, an average of around 8 to 10 million tourist a year can’t all be wrong. So why visit Rome? Well, the whole of Italy is a wonderful place. Famous for great pasta, pizza and wine, there’s something special about the fashion and cultural heritage too.

Then of course there’s the vast number of tourist attractions. Tours around ancient Rome attract 1000’s of visitors every day. You can visit the Vatican all year, but it will be busy if you’re travelling during a religious holiday. Book a place months in advance if you’re after even brief a glimpse of the Pope.

About the Rome Bike Tour

You don’t have to do it all on foot though, as the Rome Bike Tour will demonstrate. This 3-hour tour will take you around the whole city, from the Imperial Forums to Venice Square. Without of course missing the likes of the famous Colosseum or the iconic Trevi Fountain.

With an expert guide riding alongside you, the Rome Bike Tour takes you through areas you can’t get to by car or public transport. Although this isn’t a challenge and there’s no race to the finish line. Just a relaxing ride with time to stop and enjoy your surroundings.

If you’re interested in booking this tour, then check out the full itinerary for a list of attractions visited. Once your 3 hours are up, you can still take a walk to anywhere you found of interest. Feel free to ask for the next day’s opening times and visit at your own leisure.

How to book a Rome Bike Tour

Booking a bike tour in Rome is easy online, take a look at our available tours and start organising your holiday in Rome today.