How to promote your tour site with social media

If you want to know >how to promote your tour site with social media, make sure you are targeting the right demographic of people.

Tours and travel business simply cannot exist anymore without the social media. For tours and travel businesses, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the most effective social media platforms.

Understanding how they work will help you use them to your best advantage.

While you’d want to have a profile in all the above-mentioned platforms, focus your efforts on 2 or 3. Your social media accounts will help to improve your Google rankings. The more active social platforms that link to your website you have, the more links there will be to lead there. Also, you have more control over your customer reviews on your social accounts than on travel marketplaces.

Facebook is a desirable place for a tour provider to precisely target their audiences. A fan page allows you to create engaging, deeper and more meaningful connections with your potential customers.

To engage your followers, share practical tips, videos, and beautiful pictures. Inform, entertain, organize contests and offer prizes. Be consistent to keep yourself in the news feed of your target customers, but don’t overdo it. Posting once a day is enough.

Many potential tour bookers will already be on Twitter. Twitter is built around quick short notes, called tweets, with up to 140 characters. Twitter responds great with video content, text, and tips including beautiful pictures. When you include an image to your tweet, your character limit gets cut down to 116. and other link shortening tools allow you to preserve the destination of a link without using so many characters within a tweet.

It is a common practice to send many tweets per day. Do it around noon or immediately after regular business hours, 5 – 6 pm, to get a better engagement.

Working out how to promote your tour site with social media is vital to a successful marketing campaign.

Engage in conversations to build long-lasting relationships. If someone hashtags your business or mentions you, comment on it. People will like it. Also, use hashtags yourself to put context around your tweets.

Pinterest works as a cork board for images and videos, which link back to the site they were originally pinned from. It is based on a discovery and organization of other people’s content. That’s why it is a fantastic place for a tour business to share quality content and let other people share it.

To add a personal touch, next to the name of your tour company, use your own photo as the profile picture instead of your logo. In the description tab, include who you are, what you do and why people should follow you. Keeping your Pinterest account active and organized will help you increase the visibility of your tours and travels!

Instagram has a broader reach and more of a conversational feel. While Pinterest is about generating leads and driving traffic to your website, Instagram is about customer engagement.

Partnering with another company is also a great way to market your tour company. It will reduce your marketing costs and the other company will advertise your tours in return for a commission.