Plan your tour of Croatia – all you need to know

Croatia is one of the most stunning countries in Europe and is home to cultural and historical attractions, beautiful coastlines and national parks.

All you need to know when planning your tour of Croatia includes:

During Croatia tours, travellers love to explore miles of rugged coastlines. The white sand of the beaches is complemented by turquoise blue waters, ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Brela Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Croatia. With a backdrop of pine trees this 6km long beach is ideal for relaxing or taking part in a choice of water-sports including wind surfing and sailing. Other highly recommended beaches include: Zlatni Rat Beach, Paradise Beach, Zrce Beach and Trstenica beach.

No trip to Dubrovnik is complete without touring the City Walls. Walk the 2km circular path overlooking the crowds below, and don´t forget your camera!

If you want to enjoy a real bird´s eye view of the city take a trip on the Dubrovnik Cable Car to the top of the hill and enjoy stunning views of the old city.

When planning your tour of Croatia, make sure you visiting the country’s stunning national parks. Eight national parks all over the country are home to colourful flora and fauna, a number of cascading waterfalls and stunning landscapes.

Zagreb – the capital city is also the largest city in the country. Zagreb has vibrant night life, luxury shopping and a host of natural attractions. There are numerous unexplored caves, forests and mountains. You can also explore the history of the city in one of its many museums. The Archaeological Museum features 400,000 monuments and artefacts.

The world’s most important collection of Neanderthal artefacts can be seen at the Croatian Natural History Museum. Tools of prehistoric Krapina Man and stone weapons also feature. You can also visit various cultural sites in the city. If you’re touring Zagreb during even-numbered years, you can revive your childhood at the World Festival of Animated Films.

If you are a music lover, visit Zagreb during the celebrations of the oldest Croatian pop music festival, Zagrebfest. You can also enjoy traditional sports events during the festival. Besides historical sites and museums, Zagreb beaches are among the best in the country.

Visit palaces, churches, galleries and museums at the medieval urban complex, Ban Jela Square. Shopaholics can choose from numerous boutiques, shops and malls in the city. You can also buy famous Croatian wines and baskets made of crystal, china, wicker, straw or ceramics.

Trogir is another magnificent tourist destination that should not be missed when you plan your tour of Croatia.

Beautiful stone monuments, fantastic paintings and carvings are primary attractions for any tourist in Croatia. In Trogir, you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate all through the year. Enjoy the very best of Croatian food in bistros and restaurants in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Trogir.

When you plan your trip to Croatia, make sure you book a selection of historical and cultural tours, adventure tours, city tours or rural tours to make the most of your trip.