Plan Your Adventure Holiday in Europe – What to Pack and Travel Tips

If you are planning to spend a long weekend in Paris, a hiking trip in Italy, or maybe an entire adventure holiday travelling around the continent; do not start packing your bags without reading this ultimate guide of how to plan your adventure holiday in Europe – what to pack and travel tips.

Once you start planning your adventure holiday, do be aware that travelling via the rail system will make it much easier to explore multiple countries during a single visit. Packing for multiple destinations and activities into one trip can make for one super adventure, although it can also make packing itself quite a serious challenge!

Here is how to plan your adventure holiday in Europe – what to pack and travel tips: definitely use a multi-function convertible luggage bag – for instance; will you need straps and a frame to make it easier carrying your stuff from place to place (hilly walks, cobbled streets and lots of steps)? It is also probably best to pack by rolling all your clothes. A good idea is to choose clothing that you can layer such as light fabrics like cotton and then warmer woollens articles. Keep a light hooded top in your luggage and wear the heavier one. Do not forget your swim wear and a light towel!

Of course, the main essential is definitely – comfortable footwear! There are a lot of very fashionable walking shoes on offer that will also look smart for eating out at restaurants. Try to limit foot wear to two pairs – a pair of open sandals and a closed shoe that can be worn with socks (do stuff plenty of socks rolled up in your luggage). A good packing and travel tip recommendation to buy is the fantastic – ‘Pack-it Specter Shoe Sac’ to keep the rest of your items clean. You can also purchase Pack-It Specter Compression Cubes that will compress your clothes down to a much more manageable size.

Now – let’s get on to essential travel items that you will definitely need on your trip. A USB Universal Travel Adapter is the best idea for plug-in items in Europe as it allows various prong configurations to use for different countries. To be absolutely eco-friendly, carry your own water bottle; as most of the water in Europe can be now be sipped from the tap, and also lots of cities have public drinking fountains for filling your own bottle. Probably non-BPA lightweight plastic bottles are best or even have a look at the collapsible options you can buy.

Other useful items to plan your adventure holiday in Europe and what to pack plus travel tips – is to ensure you do pack a strong cable for your luggage (which will prevent theft whilst travelling on trains, boats and buses). Do take a money belt of a hidden wallet/purse.
Another good idea is to take a travel pillow and maybe a, sleep mask and possibly ear plugs.

You will no doubt find lots of other items to pack for possibly this or that! However, leave them behind as you can buy it once you have reached your European destination.

Finally, remember your glasses either reading or sun glasses and possibly two of each!