Plan your hiking activity in Croatia

Croatia offers some excellent walking and hiking opportunities, combining mountains and sea. The stunning country of Croatia is becoming a very exciting and popular walking holiday destination. Situated in South-Eastern Europe, the country has very long and rocky coastlines, beautiful mountains, gorgeous Mediterranean islands and lush rural countryside.

What to wear

  • Light and breathable T-shirts and shorts
  • Socks (and a spares) that are breathable and comfortable for long walks
  • Lightweight waterproof jacket (in case of rain storms)
  • Fleece for the mountains (this applies to all seasons)
  • Comfortable hiking boots such as Vibram bottom sole for sharp carbonate rock routes
  • Spare light tennis shoes (to change into in the huts on route)

To decide where to start planning your hiking activity in Croatia – take a look at their famous Nature Parks which include Paklenica and Plitvice, being the most popular areas for walking and hiking. Croatia’s mild climate allows you to walk from early in spring until late in autumn. If you would prefer to climb, in the Plaklenica National Park you will see Anića Kuk, a 350 metres high enormous rock that will make you enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.

You might like your hiking activity in Croatia to take you across the Adriatic Sea to the actual top of the mountains. There are over 400 various routes that will delight either beginners, in Zagreb, Ogulin, Split and Omiš, or for more experienced hikers – look at Velebit, Učka, Dinara or Mosor.

You might like your hiking activity in Croatia to be enjoyed on a Croatian mountain – and probably the best five hiking areas are Učka Mountain, Risnjak National Park, Northern Velebit, Plaklenica and Biokovo Mountain. They may be covered with snow during the winter months but are fully accessible from late spring to autumn.

There are plenty of tour operators offering hiking activity holidays in Croatia – such as walking holidays in Dubrovnik, hiking the islands, walking holidays in the beautiful national parks and walking adventures through green Istria.

Information on the Mountains in Croatia

The mountains do not exceed more than 2000 meters but the different landscapes make them very interesting. Because of the small heights, most summits are very easily accessible, making them suitable for hiking and mountaineering. The summits are rather diverse regarding their features. Most summits in the Pannonian part of Croatia are covered with woodland, whereas the higher mountaintops of the Dinaric area are sparse with stunning viewpoints.