Plan Your Adventure Holiday in Spain – What to Pack and Travel Tips:

Your much-awaited adventure holiday to Spain has arrived – if you have not been on this type of holiday before you might have a few concerns about how to prepare for the trip. Take a look below at what to pack along with travel tips and advice:


For all that walking you will be doing in Spain then comfy shoes are an absolute must! Do be aware that comfortable shoes do not mean you cannot be walking about in style. Pick a smart, good-looking pair that will not cause any problems for your feet. Good quality brogues and fashionable boots are good for all seasons and for the ladies in summer, comfy wedge sandals! A handy tip for your adventure holiday in Spain – is before packing your footwear – do really test out those shoes first to ensure they ‘are’ very comfortable!

Travel Bags

Correct travel bags are essential when planning your adventure holiday in Spain – so some good packing is a must! Obviously this will depend on your personal preference – you can bring either a backpack or a suitcase on wheels. Do remember to check the weight requirements! A backpack is easier for going up flights of stairs compared to a case on wheels. However, with a backpack, your clothes will crease so you would have to pack wrinkle-free clothing.

For general walking around town, a shoulder bag is probably the best for day and night. This works well for both men and women. Also, a smallish backpack would be okay, but it could make it easy for preying pickpockets. For women, a tote bag or satchel is really good for carrying the main essentials.


Do ensure that at least some of your money is already in Euros. Upon arriving in Spain, you may need Euros to pay for taxis or trains. The exchange shops in the airport do not always give the best rates.

Technical Necessities

Apart from your mobile phone, music player and tablet, do not forget to bring a good digital camera with enough memory cards. However, most importantly, remember to bring a voltage adaptor and converter.

Other essentials

Finally, for your adventure holiday in Spain, here are extra packing and travel tips:

Make sure you bring extra copies of any important documents such as your passport, airline tickets, hotel reservations, email confirmations and any other important documents. A City map book or phrase book is also a good idea, along with your personal items.