Plan your Activity Holiday in Budapest

If you are planning your activity holiday in Budapest, ensure you pack carefully and prepare for various weather types. Whether it be a skiing trip, cycling, hiking or a walking tour, always makes sure you have the right clothes and equipment to suit your requirements.

Plan your Activity Holiday in Budapest

Take a look at these travel and planning tips so you really enjoy your Budapest activity holiday to the full:


Make a list of all the clothing and equipment you think you might need, then lay it all out and give focused consideration to whether you really need everything. There is always a chance you will have a rainy day or even just a short burst of rain, so make sure you pack a waterproof jacket. If you’re going somewhere that’s normally hot then a lightweight jacket should do the job..

It’s always best to take equipment you’re already familiar with or at least tried out at home before going. Likewise with clothing, a walking or hiking holiday isn’t the best time to discover something doesn’t fit!


The must-remember list includes an up-to-date passport, visas (if needed), travel tickets and information, travel insurance (make sure it covers you for your destination country and the activity), European health card, driving licence, bankcard, cash in the right currency, mobile phone etc.


For a well-planned activity holiday in Budapest, don’t forget the obvious essentials. It’s all about making a list so you don’t leave the sun cream at home. Just a few things you may need include anti-chafing cream and tyre repair kits for cyclists, insect repellent and sun glasses.  Don’t forget any medication and a first aid kit with blister plasters, pain killers and anti-bac wipes.


Make sure you choose a decent location and resort; for example, if you are going skiing make sure your chosen resort has quality slopes, equipment for hire and reputable ski lessons. Always check your kit and equipment before travel to make sure it is still in good condition and still fits you.

Travelling in a Group

If you are going with a group or a team, make sure everyone has a valid passport and travel insurance. If not, you may not be going anywhere! Also, anyone that still owes money or if there are things to be paid for on arrival such as accommodation cost, send out a reminder the week before.

Winners, runners up or even if you finish last, sports tours are well known for partying hard after the games. Always drink responsibly and remember that alcohol can be stronger and spirits are often just poured straight from the bottle.

Expert Guides

Whether you are a seasoned traveller or a planning a first-time activity, there’s always an expert available. Your guide will help ensure you have the best possible time throughout your trip.

Adventure tours and activity holidays are very popular in Hungary. Plan your Budapest activity holiday carefully and then all you have to worry about is just enjoying yourself!