Partner with another company to advertise your tours

However much you spend on the design of your website, you won’t attract any business through it if nobody know it’s there!

Some of the best ways to advertise your tours include:

Partner with another company

Partner with another company or promote your tours and experiences on their site. Save money on advertising and only pay your partner company a commission when they sell your tours.

It is also essential to advertise your website effectively online:

It pays to spend the extra bit of time finding all those little niches to advertise in, rather than wasting your cash on terms and jargon.


Do more research according to each platform.Those are the two big concepts in online advertising – but there’s a ton more jargon in each ad platform. Be sure to do your research and ask questions whenever you see something you don’t understand – otherwise you’ll be spending money you don’t have.

Advertising Options

When it comes to how to advertise business in the real world and in the digital world, there is one common denominator – choice. There is a plethora of advertising options online, but they all fall into 3 main categories which can be found on a wide range of platforms. Here’s the main options and platform for how to advertise your website online.

Partnering with another company to advertise your tours with a minimum outlay.

Text Ads

Text ads are the most basic type of ad on the Internet. Nearly every type of ad platform runs them – most famously Google. It usually allows a headline, some text, and a call to action with a URL.

They normally look like this:

Native Ads

Native ads are basically advertisements that appear within the content. They are paid placements – but aren’t meant to distract. They are meant to appear like content – or at least appear within your content feed.

Native advertisers should always be disclosing their relationships, but there are plenty of ad platforms that make this method easy – such as Facebook. Here’s an example of a sponsored Facebook ad:


Google is the advertising master of the Internet. When you’re looking to how to advertise your website online…you start with Google Search Network.

Google has the largest search network in the world – which you can use to place ads on targeted keywords. Google is worth $375 billion because pay per click ads in search results are that powerful. You can get in front of people exactly when they are actively looking for your exact products and services.


As you saw in the screenshot in the concepts section – Facebook allows for some hyper-targeted audience advertising. You can reach any group among its 1 Billion + users. The magic of Facebook is that everyone on the network self-defines themselves into neat little marketing packages. They tell you exactly what they like.

So guess what? If someone says that they Like golf…they will probably find your golf store interesting as well.

If you know the audience that you are trying to target – Facebook makes a great network to try.

Whatever tours you want to host, promote or advertise, partner with another company to advertise your tours for maximum publicity and outreach.