Amsterdam City

New and exciting experience holiday in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has it all – gorgeous buildings, quaint bridges and quiet canals giving it a rather village-like charm. However, it also boasts top-ranking art museums and one of the best orchestras in the world. So if you are heading to Holland, then take a look at some exciting things to as part of your experience holiday in Amsterdam:

Experience Holiday in Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum

This exciting experience holiday in Amsterdam is one of the city’s most popular attractions and has over a million visitors every year. There are over 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and more than 750 letters from Van Gogh. There is also a vast range of permanent and temporary exhibitions. You can explore all the various aspects of the historic 19th-century art and research the work of two iconic artists at the amazing new exhibition “Munch and Van Gogh”.

Heineken Experience

Another exciting experience holiday in Amsterdam is the fascinating world of Heineken, in the place where the beer was first brewed. Experience for yourself what it’s like to be brewed and bottled on the Brew U ride and learn how to pour the perfect draft Heineken! In the beating heart of the old brewery, you can delve into the world of Heineken. You can take a 90-minute self-guided tour where you will learn about the company’s heritage and brewing process. You will also find out that the beer is made from just four natural ingredients and learn about the brand’s sponsor activities: Formula 1, the UEFA Champions League and the infamous Rugby World Cup. Do take a trip up to the rooftop bar – well recommended.

Amsterdam Royal Zoo

At this amazing Royal Zoo, nature, culture, and heritage all come together. Each tree, creature, building, microbe, and planet has its very own story. You will be amazed by the wonders of space inside the ARTIS Planetarium.

You will see the giraffes, zebras, ostriches, and springboks mingling on the Savannah. Take a look at the beautiful fluttering wings in the Butterfly Pavilion. Also, do visit the tropical fish swimming in the vast Aquarium.

After all this you may like to stroll through the historical park with its centuries-old trees and various unusual plants. At the end of your visit, enjoy the cuisine in the de Plantage, a café-restaurant. Or maybe relax in a seat near the fountain on Artisplein.

Amsterdam City Archives

Another great experience in Amsterdam is to visit the archives housed in De Bazel, where you can take a look through the important historical pieces displayed in the former treasury.

The former bank has been fabulously restored over the years to a successful mix of art deco and new designs. You can also have a wonderful lunch in the quaint cafe and don’t forget the delightful book and gift shop!