Are you marketing your tour company to the right people?

One of the main reasons you may not be getting the bookings you expect is that you may not be marketing your tour company to the right people.

As a tour company, are you making the most of the huge market out there?

Some of the best ways for marketing your tour company to the right people include:

Partner with other companies

To ensure you are marketing your tour company to the right people, sell a travel experience, not just a single tour. That means getting out there and bagging exclusive partnerships with other companies in the sector – car rentals, taxis, hotels and lodging, tour guides and more. The potential to mix and match is enormous and you could customize packages to certain demographics. By partnering with another company you will also save money on marketing costs, only pay commission on sold tours and create a win-win situation.

Get social

Engage with the people who will most want to book your tours on social media. Target your audience demographically with Facebook ads or promoted posts. Also join online groups that your potential customers are in and answer their questions or post helpful tips. Facebook advertising is a great way to reach out to a specific audience. Specify the demographics that you are looking for. For each type of deal, choose your target age group, and filter their interests to include travel, tours etc.

Blog on

Ensure you are marketing your tour company to the right people by targeting them demographically. Blogging is invaluable when linked with social media channels. Create an informative blog that is relative to the audience you are targeting. If for example you are selling wine tours in Bordeaux, write a blog about other attractions in the area. Partner with other travel bloggers and exchange guest posts with them.

Google AdWords

Optimise your ads with long-tail keywords that your audience are likely to be searching for. ‘Best wine tours in Bordeaux’ or ‘Best travel deals in London’ for example. Google AdWords is an invaluable tool if you want to take charge of the marketing yourself and will create the right keywords for you to include in marketing campaigns, social media and blogs.

Your customers

It is highly likely that most of your business will come from repeat customers so always reward their loyalty with special offers, discounts and information about new deals before you release it to everyone. This way they will feel special and be more likely to book. If you give people an amazing experience, they’re going to want to come back, and they’re going to want to book with you again. Stay in touch for feedback even after the tour has finished. Email marketing is a great way to do this and a happy customer is likely to leave a positive review.