Marketing success for your tour company

The Internet is packed with people selling the idea that you can automate marketing success for your tour company. They offer products, programmes, webinars, seminars and services, which promise shortcuts to success.

It is worth remembering that shortcuts hardly ever exist and they never lead to success. You can’t trick your way to the top but a direct, effective marketing campaign will bring success.

Firstly, decide what you want to achieve. Put a strategy together, to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, then work through your strategy. Put in the effort. Invest the time required and reap the rewards. Ignore those who claim they have shortcuts to make you rich or successful. The only people who gain from those type of promises are those who sell it.

Marketing success for your tour company will come with research into your target market.

Every sales enquiry or new client enquiry you receive, has one thing in common. They want information and provide you with the opportunity to convert them from an ‘enquiry’ to a ‘client.’

Instead of bombarding your new client with information, as most businesses do, limit the information on your website so that clients have to contact you. There should be a basic level of information, but anything you add after that is hurting your marketing results. Your marketing should seek to ignite their curiosity. It should inspire them to feel they need to call you, email you or visit you.

A common mistake made by small business owners, is that they fail to focus their marketing correctly. As a direct result, they get too few sales leads or client enquiries. Make sure you target the people you really want to reach. Boost posts and advertise on Facebook for example by demographically choosing the type of people you want to target (by age, gender, location etc.)

Despite the massive value of dissatisfied prospective clients, most small business owners market their services to less targeted groups. They waste their time and money marketing to people who have no need or interest in the kind of product they sell. They go for volume over value… quantity over quality. This makes things unnecessarily difficult and produces poor results.

Organic SEO will provide marketing success for your tour company. Also, by optimising your website and content, you can organically become easy to find. The process is something you can learn to do and, with the right software, it’s pretty easy. It can also be extremely effective.

Paying for a top search engine result is a lot faster and easier than earning a top organic search ranking. However, it’s a far better advertising investment than typical ads, aimed at specific industries or geographical areas. With typical ads, you pay based on the size of the audience, even though the vast majority will never see your ad or they’re disinterested. You need to be smarter than that when you invest your advertising money.