Marketing ideas for your tour company

Most tour company owners know almost everything there is to know about travel in their region, but very little about marketing their tours.

An important marketing idea for your tour company is to manage your website, add content, check reviews and social media, which can be time consuming and ineffective if you are not targeting the right people.

It is sometimes worth taking a step back and reviewing your marketing policies before ploughing on.

Demographic information is important but you need to ask yourself what drives your customers to research, plan and book a tour with your company. You need to define who is booking with you and build your marketing campaign around those personas.

Your website is the main feature of your marketing efforts and there is always room for improvement where user experience is concerned. You may have one of the most sleek, well designed sites out there but if it’s not user-friendly nobody will use it.

One of the most important marketing ideas for your tour company is to make your site mobile and tablet-responsive as over 60% of all users are now likely to browse your site from their phone.

It is vital to set up and manage Google Analytics which will tell you so much about your user behaviour, including how long they stayed, what they viewed etc.

Minimal websites designs are the way forward with strong, original content and a clear call to action. Make sure you carry out user-testing thoroughly before agreeing to any changes. This will help you understand the frustrations of every day users if your site does not offer a good experience.

The bulk of your information should be available at your site, so don’t miss ANY opportunity to send traffic back to it where you can track, monitor and always work to increase leads. Sending a newsletter? Share only a snippet and encourage readers to click back to the site. Posting to social media? Same again. This goes for everything that you do.Search engines love fresh content, so keeping it updated and relevant can drive your organic search engine ranking up. A little effort will go a long way.

Social media is a cost effective channel for tour companies and putting a strategy in place before you start will definitely help. Consider your objectives and your target market carefully.

Facebook works well for business in terms of driving web clicks and you can boost posts and custom audiences demographically. Facebook insights will give you all the information you need about the people you are attracting.

Your email database is one of your most valuable assets. The simple act of adding a subscription form to your website is important because if a visitor leaves without signing up then you may have lost a valuable lead.

Encourage your offline database to subscribe to your website newsletter then put in place a strategy to start communicating with them effectively. A good newsletter will drive traffic to your site, encourage social shares, and generate leads. If you’re current email newsletter design isn’t responsive then you should build a new one.

Choose the right marketing ideas for your tour company and increase sales to your tour company.