Marketing and advertising for tour companies

If you are planning a marketing and advertising campaign for your tour company, here are some tips to help you reach as many prospective customers as possible.

Avoid reading old marketing guides. With the world of technology and marketing ever-changing, you need to know what will work today.

Content marketing works well as long as you ensure the quality of the content is high. Content Marketing can successfully be used to market any type of business and it is unbeatable when it comes to attracting new clients, sales leads, enquiries and subscribers.

One you have created a website, blog or newsletter you can use it to provide free information to your prospective customers. Offer them the opportunity to purchase goods, services or both – all of which will be closely linked to the information you give them.

Never put together any old content in the vain hope that it will result in more traffic to your site and result in more sales. If you are not up to the job of writing quality content, then hire a professional writer.

If the content is nothing more than predictable and poorly thought out, it will do your company more harm than good.

One of the best ways to market and advertise your tour company is to partner with another company to advertise and promote your tours.

Email marketing is extremely cost effective and one of the most powerful marketing tools available to small businesses. This is because it provides predictable results and costs little or nothing to use. The main benefit of email marketing is that once you have built your database of information you actually own it (unlike Facebook etc.)

Business owners who spent time and money building their Facebook Page have now discovered that Facebook is showing their posts to just a small fraction of their friends. If they want all their Facebook friends to see their posts, they now need to pay Facebook, which means that the social media giant actually owns the database of information. This change of the rules is a perfect example of why you need to avoid outsourcing your network, to a social network. Email marketing puts you in control and allows you to build an increasingly valuable asset.

One common marketing mistake which loses small and medium sized businesses a fortune is marketing which promises a high quality service but charges low fees. Mixed messages such as this never work with prospective clients, so always make sure your marketing promises match your tour fees.

Promising people a high quality tour for a low fee, creates doubt. That’s the last thing you want to happen in the mind of your prospective clients.

Make your services as valuable to the marketplace as possible and then charge accordingly. If you do, your prices will match your promises and you will have made it easier for future clients to trust your marketing message.

Partner with another company to help your tour business attract more customers and revenue, while halving your marketing costs.