Lisbon, Portugal – Why Go? What to See?

No trip to Portugal is complete without a tour of Lisbon, Choose from Lisbon city tours, gastronomic tours and historical tours.

Why Go?

The second oldest capital in Europe after Athens, Lisbon offers a wealth of cultural attractions, monuments and natural wonders to thrill visitors of all ages. The city was once home to Vasco da Gama and Prince Henry the Navigator, two of the world´s most famous explorers, who ensured that Lisbon became the first true world city, and the capital of an empire spreading across all continents.

Lisbon is a city on the sea, and the only European capital to boast sunsets over the ocean. This captivating capital is built on a series of hills with stunning views from all angles.

What to See?

The city has one of the world´s largest aquariums, long sandy beaches, vintage trams and medieval-style villages nearby to explore. Lisbon´s climate is mild all year round, and temperatures rarely drop below 50ºF, even in winter.

A vibrant café culture and lively nightlife in the city centre, coupled with a world-class golf course in Estoril, surfing in Cascais and a stunning open natural park in Arrábida make Lisbon one of Europe´s most popular and picturesque capitals.

The Monastery of the Hieronymites, constructed in 1502 stands at the entrance to Lisbon Harbour, and is one of the city´s most beautiful monuments. The Tower of Belém, nearby was built to commemorate Vasco da Gama´s expeditions, and is a reminder of how his discoveries shaped the modern world. Both are UNESCO World Heritage Monuments.

Whatever you plan to see in Portugal’s vibrant city, book a guided tour before you go to make the most of your stay.