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Gift Ideas for Men – Top Beer Tours in Europe

If you are looking for gift ideas for men and the beer lover in your life, then how about booking a beer tour in Europe. It’s a perfect gift for Father’s day or a special gift idea for the beer connoisseur celebrating a significant birthday. You may just be after a gift for a man who likes to take brewery tours and enjoy craft beer when he travels to Europe!  When it comes to gift ideas for men, show him you care and book one of these top beer tours in Europe.

Brewery Tour in the United Kingdom, London Soho Historic Pubs Tour  

This is a great gift idea for men celebrating special birthdays. In particular a beer lover who is visiting London and wants to see and do something a bit more fun and different. Bohemian Soho is well known for being one of the world’s most iconic areas – rather like a combination of Las Vegas, Broadway, Amsterdam and Hollywood all rolled into one. Soho is also recognized as a fantastic entertainment area; where the rich and famous writers, musicians, artists, and actors have rubbed shoulders with royalty for centuries.

Providing the perfect gift ideas for men, whatever the weather. The tour will take you to some quirky pubs that you probably wouldn’t have found on your own, while listening to the colourful history of the area told by your guide.

Enjoy a refreshing pint in John Lennon’s local and visit the club where Marilyn Monroe managed to escape the hoards of paparazzi. You will also see where Jimi Hendrix played his first and final gigs in London and visit Karl Marx’s home and see where George Orwell wrote is masterpiece – 1984 which became one of the most significant novels of the 20th century.

Brewery Tour in Slovakia, Bratislava

Another brilliant gift idea for a craft beer buff celebrating a special occasion. This amazing private tour is all about drinking around this fascinating city and chilling with the locals! You will travel from the old town breweries to the other side of the Danube and sample indie beers to get a real taste for the beer life in Bratislava!

You will be exploring all the quaint narrow streets of the city’s famous old town and find hidden local bars. During the tour enjoy local specialties with a beer-and-food pairing session at a local treasured brewery.  Learning all about the infamous ‘Bermuda Triangle of Bratislava.

Brewery Tour in Belgium, Bruges

This is a superb birthday gift idea for a beer lover visiting Bruges. Beer literally flows through the cobbled streets, running through a pipeline beneath this fascinating city.

Belgium of course, is famous for producing some of the best chocolate and beer in the world.  On this exclusive three hour tour with a private guide, you will sample incredible Trappist beers, brewed exclusively by monks.

Also included in the gift is a visit to a local brewery, join the brewery tour and learn about the beer making process. You will receive tips on cooking with beer and food pairing, while enjoying various snacks and nibbles.

Brewery Tours in Hungary, Budapest

If you know someone visiting Budapest, then this is would make a great birthday gift. Send your loved one on a beer tour of Budapest, while discovering the non-tourist areas of the city.

This is a private tour with a local knowledgeable guide. They will take your group to visit charming little bars and breweries, including those mainly frequented by the locals. You will sample some wonderful craft beer and local snacks, learn for yourself why Budapest is the up and coming beer-drinking destination!

You will also be able to enjoy a drink in an iconic pub opened by a legendary football player for the Magical Magyars. There is also time to relax and enjoy a beer overlooking the spectacular landscape of the Danube.

Brewery Tour in Holland, Amsterdam

Another great gift idea for your beer-loving man! This is a fascinating private walking tour that will take you to the very best boutique bars and breweries. There will also be a stop at the fascinating and impressive beer hall of Amsterdam – where you can sample well over 100 ales. You will  learn all about the famous brewing industry – starting at the legendary Heineken building. Here you can enjoy the Netherlands strong brew, finding out how the flavours have been produced over the past centuries!

Brewery Tours in Spain, Gipuzkoa

This tour is a gift idea for men that have an interest in local Basque Breweries. The beer tour covers the Spanish province of Gipuzkoa.  You will be collected from your hotel and your private guide will organise which brewery you will be visiting. It takes the pressure off deciding where to visit, as it does vary throughout the week.

Discover the unique art of beer making and enjoy a tasting session. This is followed by a traditional dinner, accompanied by another 5 hand chosen artisan beers.

Brewery Tours in Spain, San Sebastian

This is a perfect tour of the Basque country and makes a super gift idea for men and their fellow cider lovers. The tour also includes a lovely scenic walk through the Spanish park of Aiako Harria.

Once you have reached the park, enjoy a relaxing stroll along the stunning river edge towards the cider museum. Learn all there is to know about the cider making process, before enjoying a cider influenced lunch.  After lunch there is time to enjoy a stroll around Donostia and San Sebastian. The Old Quarter is fabulous with little quaint, winding streets are full of bars and restaurants.

Gift Ideas for Men

Book a tour today, the perfect gift ideas for men who like their beer!