Tour Gift Ideas for Couples Travelling to Europe

Tour Gift Ideas for Couples Travelling to Europe

If you are looking for tour gift ideas for couples travelling to Europe, how about booking them on a trip of a lifetime.

Your son or daughter, parents or even your grandparents may be celebrating a special occasion. Whether it’s an 18th, 21st or 60th birthday or perhaps a wedding anniversary, they can enjoy your gift with their partner.

The most important things to most travellers are the memories. Give your favourite couple a present they will cherish forever.

Tour Gift Ideas for Couples Travelling to Europe

Europe is commonly considered home to some of the world’s most passionate cities. From Paris to Prague – there’s something for every true romantic. Here are a pick of the most romantic cities in Europe, each with a fabulous tour that would make a superb gift for any couple:


No city in Europe quite compares to this fabulous Dutch capital. Whether you are visiting in February for Valentine’s day or wanting to enjoy the hot temperatures and late sunsets in summer months. You can visit Amsterdam any time of year.  There are plenty of options for couples who want to enjoy a romantic getaway. Take a look at this fabulous tour of offer:

Brewery Tour in Holland, Amsterdam – The Original Beer Tour

This is tour makes a great gift for a couple visiting Amsterdam. It is a fascinating private walking tour that will take you to the very best boutique bars, breweries and sample from over 100 ales in the fascinating beers halls of Amsterdam. You will learn all about the famous brewing industry. Starting at where nuns used to brew ales, to the legendary first Heineken building. Sample the Netherlands strong brew as you find out how the flavours have been formed over the centuries!


Paris is probably second only to Amsterdam and is the perfect city to visit with your significant other for that very special occasion. Take a look at this superb tour on offer:

Local Tour in France, Paris (How to Be Parisian)

This would make a wonderful gift idea for a couple visiting Paris maybe for the first time. It will give them a full insight of this fabulous city in one go as well as enjoying some wonderful cuisine!

You will be met by your local guide who will share in details his best tips about the city. Find out amazing things to do, the best restaurants and hidden areas you should check out.

As part of the tour you can learn some basic French, get an historical introduction to the city, and find out how to use the public transport. There will also be Parisian coffee for you to enjoy. Then of course local wine, before tucking into delicious cheese platter and cured meat selections.


No list of romantic cities in Europe would be complete without mentioning gorgeous Venice. It is said to be the most romantic city on earth and you will soon find out why. Whether you are visiting to declare your love and propose marriage or after gift ideas for couples travelling in Europe, you can’t go wrong with Venice. How about booking a romantic sailing  experience:

Sailing Experience in Italy, Venice (Canal & Aperitivo)

This is a pretty special treat not one many people buy for themselvs. An amazing gift for a couple in love and something they will treasure forever! Forget all about the gondola! Take a trip in a local Venetian boat taxi which will take you through the city’s lesser known canals. You will pass major sites such as Rialto and San Marco, and then heading off into the local neighbourhoods of Cannaregio or Castello and seeing just how the locals live.  The boat will travel along the Grand Canal and visit some of the quieter canals. Finish this relaxing and mesmerising trip with an aperitivo of local wines and cicchetti whilst watching the setting sun – just amazing!


Florence (or Firenze) is one of Italy’s most beloved cities. With the beautiful Tuscan sun setting and your loved one by your side – you cannot go wrong. The only dramatic thing that may happen is you will cheat on your partner and fall completely in love with this gorgeous city!  Take a look at see this fabulous walking tour enjoying fabulous wine along the way:

Wine Tour in Italy, Florence

A wonderful gift idea for a couple visiting Florence. What could be more romantic than a late afternoon stroll enjoying fantastic wine along the way! Pre-dinner drinks are a tradition in Italy and on this fabulous wine tour, you will be enjoying some for yourself. Discover the renowned Tuscan red wines, such as Chianti and Brunello and a good selection of delectable white wines.

The tour takes you through local neighbourhoods, introducing you to the best wines. You will learn a lot about its production, the wine’s origin and the sort of food it would accompany. It also means a great opportunity for people watching. If whoever you are sending this too as a gift isn’t already a wine expert, they soon will be!


Prague is fast becoming one of Europe’s most exciting destinations. However, because of its inevitable charm it is also a passionate place for couples to celebrate important occasions. There are gorgeous landscapes and romantic winding streets to explore. The romantic city of Prague is a perfect place to impress your sweetheart! Take a look at this combined tour:

Discovery Tour in the Czech Republic, Prague – Beer & Tapas 

This tour will show you the historical and architectural splendour of the city. You will visit famous icons such as Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and St. Vitus Cathedral. Then there is a boat tour on the Vltava where you will admire the many architectural icons dotted about your journey. Another superb gift idea for a couple or maybe one to join for yourself!

You will enjoy a wonderful lunch that includes six different options. You can then indulge in some traditional Czech ‘beer tapas’. Next, you will spend the afternoon in the less touristy places of Prague. Take a seat in various pubs and beer halls.

So, what are you waiting for – book a tour with Tourily. Tour gifts for couples travelling to Europe are a fantastic idea. It will be something they will remember and treasure forever!